Friday, January 12, 2007

The citizens of South Africa are driven to exhaustion through crime, the African Christian Democratic Party (ACDP) has said


The perpetrators know that it is unlikely that they will be caught and then there is the possibility that they can go free on technical grounds," said ACDP's Gauteng spokesperson and Tshwane councillor Annemarie Sparg.

She was reacting to the murder of Dirk van Sittert who was shot dead and his wife Adri, 45, who was wounded when robbers ambushed the couple at their home in Lyttleton Manor on Thursday night.

The couple were shot while watching television by armed men who gained entry to the house through the back door. Both were shot in the upper body.

Dirk died on the scene and his wife was taken to hospital. She is in a stable condition at the Unitas Hospital.

The robbers made away with a wallet, a handbag, a cellphone and other items. Police are investigating an attempted murder and armed robbery.

"Our judicial system is written to give rights to the criminals but the taxpayers paying for the running of the country are not properly protected," Sparg said.

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