Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Experts say that 50% of Texas drop-outs are black or Hispanic


According to education experts a least half of all high school students in the state's urban school districts are dropping out of school and the rate is highest among blacks, Hispanics, and low-income students. In statistics released by the Intercultural Development Research Center statewide, each graduating class has at least 120,000 fewer students than started high school.

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Texas Experts, Lawmakers Struggle with High School Dropouts


At 4:04 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The facts are going to change nothing. In fact, the only thing that will change is the amount of money that will be spent on these failures. More money, much more money. Your money, my money andbody's money who is working to build a family, a company, or make and invent things, grow things, build things, provide services, etc...These useless "students" will get it and the goddamn educrats and teachers unions, and the socialists and race hustlers and academics publishing "studies." In other words the money is better off being flushed down a toilet, at least that way, someone who really needs it or can do something useful with it might find it. What a colossal fucking waste. Nobody is going to look at the real reason behind these failures because it is RACE These dropouts are millstones around the neck of this nation. The Chinese must be laughing their asses off. I admit I am laughing because otherwise, I would be crying. I advise all of you to learn Chinese as they will be the new masters. At least then anybody who has some brains and doesn't drop out of school in the future can get a job working for some Chinese corporation or the gov't in Beijing. The Chinese will not tolerate these parasites, but we will because we care or some such bullshit. There is a hell of alot of caring going on with my money and it is wrecking this nation. Every other state is like Texas with these minorities. I doubt any of these dropouts are reading this which is too bad because Fuck You and I hope you get shot in the next drive by over sneakers or new rims for your stupid low rider Honda Civics.

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