Thursday, January 25, 2007

A few mediocre men

Steve Sailer on how the US Army has had to lower its standards in order to meet its recruitment goals:

Glaivester points toward a Mother Jones chart showing how much the U.S. Army has relaxed its standards for new recruits due to Iraq. For example, the percentage of high school dropouts has increased from 10% to 19%. Maximum age of new enlistees has been boosted from 34 to 42, maximum body fat for a 20 year old male from 24% to 30%, maximum enlistment bonus from $20k to $40k, and you can now have tattoos visible while in uniform.

At Ease


At 11:29 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mother Jones loves to hate the the military and by extension, America. So anything that those communist, America-hating, Europhile, Castro-loving, Stalin-worshipping, atheistic, do-gooder, limo-liberal, tree-hugging, social science professor types can do to make the military look bad, they will do. After all, soldiers are stupid gun meat and probably racists if they are white. If they are a minority, they are only enlisting because The Man doesn't provide enough handouts and "economic opportunities." Or something. Anyway, they are murdering innocent people in Iraq for Bush's illegal war, etc...
Seriously, raising the age for soldiers is not a bad thing.

Older soldiers live longer and in my opinion, fight better and more importantly, fight smarter. I saw it in Croatia. The older guys are much more level headed, which is good, believe me. Visible tattoos? Big deal. Many Marines get one after they graduate. Just because you dropped out of high school doesn't mean you are an idiot either. Can anybody say thgat they really learned anything there anyway, except PC socialism (supported by you guessed it, Mother Jones)? Notice what they didn't relax very much, the IQ of its recruits. Besides, older, fatter soldiers can do garrison duty in Missouri just fine. I thought theat IQ didn't matter, as the left is always telling us anyway, except of course I'd like to remind you that I went to Yale...

As a ending note, I hope the ediors of Mother Jones get mugged on the way home from "work" today or that their Volvos gets stolen. Just so they can get a better understanding of the oppressed in America.


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