Thursday, January 11, 2007

An illegal immigrant from Zimbabwe who knocked down and killed a schoolboy has been rehoused at the British taxpayers’ expense

Express and Star:

Aaron Chisango

The illegal immigrant drink driver who knocked down and killed Wolverhampton schoolboy Jamie Mason has been rehoused at taxpayers’ expense in Yorkshire, the Express & Star reveals.

Zimbabwean Aaron Chisango has been freed from a detention centre and is still in the country two years after the tragic crash.

The revelation has angered the family of 12-year-old Jamie, who died on the city’s Cannock Road two years ago this week. A senior Government source told the Express & Star: “Chisango was locked up for several months but he’s been rehoused a considerable distance away from the area in Yorkshire.”

Chisango was jailed for just two months after knocking down the Wednesfield High School pupil on the Cannock Road two years ago this week. He had shared a bottle of whisky the night before. The case prompted outrage as it emerged he had made repeated efforts to fight deportation after his visa ran out.

Jamie’s sister Tracy, aged 31, said she was shocked and “fuming” at today’s news. The lack of information the Government has given to the family about Chisango had been “absolutely appalling”, as well as the cost to the taxpayer.

She said: “If the Government had told me what was happening to Chisango, it would have given me some closure. At least if he’s deported, it will give him a bit of comeuppance.”

Wolverhampton South West MP Rob Marris today criticised the length of time taken to remove Chisango, adding: “It’s well overdue that he left the UK.”

Chisango, who was 27 at the time of the tragedy, first came to the Midlands in 1998 and had been a student at Birmingham’s University of Central England.

Although born in Zambia, the trained nurse has a Zimbabwean passport. The Government is currently battling to overturn a court order meaning Zimbabwean nationals can not be deported back to their war-torn home country because of the dangers they face there. The Home Office refused to comment.

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