Thursday, January 25, 2007

In Pittsburgh and Allegheny County Black-on-Black crime has taken a deadly toll

Andy Sheehan:

In the past year, 95 people were murdered in Allegheny County and 70 of those were black men.

Now some in the community are sounding the alarm.

On Monday, two African-American men were gunned down in McKeesport.

One of them was Tanika Cromerdie-Daniels’ brother.

“This is Martin Luther King's birthday and yet it's another black on black crime. I think that's sad, very sad,” she said.

The story of black men being murdered - mostly by members of their own race – has become so common that many have accepted it as a sad fact of the times.

But not the reporters and editors of the Pittsburgh Courier.

“We sat down as a staff and said look we're under attack. And that's what we called the campaign,” said Lou Ranson of the Pittsburgh Courier. “We're under attack and we made sure to answer we're under attack by us. If there we're marauding bands of white folks driving throughout our neighborhood firing, then a war would be on.”

For the past year, the paper has been publishing the names and race of people murdered in Allegheny County and the year’s end tally tells a grim tale.

Of 95 people murdered, 77 were black and 70 of those were black men.

It’s prompted Courier staff to begin a campaign of public awareness and action.

“We're calling on the black community to do something and to step up and say these kinds of things should not happen we need to do something about it,” said Ranson.

Black on Black crime is a family problem


At 5:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hate to tell the Courier staff, but they are wasting their time. Blacks just don't seem to care about the fact that they kill each other all the time. But if a white cop hands out a traffic ticket or enforces a warrant, there will be another Cincinnatti.
When the cops show up to try a put a stop to the violence, blacks whine about racism. I remember last year when those cops shot the guy outside a nightclub in NYC. The cops were balcks and hispanic. The complaint was that white cops should have been used because then the people would know they were cops. But a few years earlier the blacks were complaining that cops in black neighbborhoods should be black because it is more diverse, shows community policing, etc...Which is it? I give up with these people. As long as the crime stays in the black areas, who give a shit?

At 9:30 AM, Anonymous MacComas said...

As long as the crime stays in the black areas, who give a shit?

Unfortunately, the crime rarely stays in the black areas as they like to export it to other neighborhoods.


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