Tuesday, January 16, 2007

One of the alleged Somalian London bombers stopped two Muslim women as he fled the scene of his failed blast and demanded that they take him home

Daily Mail:

Yassin Omar blew himself into the air when detonating his bomb outside Warren Street Station, and was injured by the chemicals even though the charge failed to ignite, the jury was told.

Fleeing, Omar stopped two women in full Muslim dress in the street and demanded they take him to their home for shelter, the court heard. When they refused, he allegedly said: "What kind of a Muslim are you?"

Somalian Omar took the Victoria line train from Stockwell, said Nigel Sweeney QC, prosecuting. Omar had tried to detonate his device as the train approached Warren Street, the court heard.

"One passenger heard a shout of what appeared to be pain and Omar may have been blown up in the air by the blast and staggered along the carriage," said Mr Sweeney.

"Another passenger noticed a hole in the middle of his T-shirt in the back with wires protruding from it."

Omar had run from Warren Street station and into Hampstead Road and asked a woman to call a cab. "She noticed his hands had dried peeling skin with white stains on the palms, no doubt caused by the peroxide," Mr Sweeney said.

"Omar then approached another lady walking with her mother in Hampstead Road, who were both wearing traditional Muslim dress. "He demanded of the younger woman that she take him to her home. When she declined, he said: 'What kind of a Muslim are you not helping another Muslim?'," Mr Sweeney said.

Another defendant, Hussain Osman, had boarded a Hammersmith and City line train at Westbourne Park Tube station, the court heard. Fellow passengers had described a loud bang as the train was between Latimer Road and Shepherd's Bush stations, Mr Sweeney said.

Some witnesses had recalled seeing Osman being thrown off his feet and landing on the floor of the carriage still wearing his rucksack, jurors were told.

"Others say he was simply knocked over by the force of the explosion. The rucksack split open and a yellow substance spilled out," Mr Sweeney said.

The case continues.



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