Friday, January 19, 2007

A truck driver has been sentenced to life in prison over a failed attempt to smuggle dozens of people illegally into the United States

BBC News:

Tyrone Williams will have no possibility for parole

Nineteen of more than 70 immigrants crammed into the back of Tyrone Williams' lorry died during a journey towards Houston in May 2003.

Williams was convicted in December of conspiracy and illegal transportation.

The jury deliberated for more than five days before reaching the sentence and decided not to impose a death penalty.

The life sentence handed down to 36-year-old Williams, himself an immigrant to the US from Jamaica, has no possibility for parole.

He had been found guilty on 38 counts in an earlier trial in 2005, but had his sentence overturned on appeal, leading to a retrial.

Williams, who was the only one of a group of 14 people charged facing the death penalty for his role in the deaths, gave no visible reaction to the verdict.

More than 70 and possibly as many as 100 people were packed into the refrigerated trailer in the town of Harlingen, Texas in 2003.

But there was no evidence that the trailer's refrigeration systems were ever used, and conditions inside quickly became unbearable.

Humidity in the trailer soared and people tried to rip away pieces of the vehicle in an attempt to get some air.

Seventeen of the Mexican and Central American illegal immigrants packed inside the lorry were found dead when Williams abandoned them in the town of Victoria, Texas.

Driver gets life on prison in deadly human smuggling case

Jury spares life of trucker in immigrants' deaths

Doing jobs Americans won’t do…


At 5:18 AM, Anonymous O Great and Mighty Illuminator said...

Hmmm....The little buggers routinely tunnel for yards under the fence line and tear holes in any fence in just minutes. I've seen em spring from the ground and back flip over 7 foot fences when I was chasing the theiving little turds out of the junk yard they were stealing parts out from.....yet, they couldn't kick their way out of a semi trailer???.....oooooh kaaaaaay.

Am I the only one who thinks that they were the majority contributors to their own deaths?
#1 - By crossing the border illegally?
#2 - By waiting until it was way to late to start clawing their way out?
#3 - They would have been able to escape before dying if they were not doing something that they knew very well was illegal. I.E. hiding.


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