Wednesday, February 21, 2007

A little girl is clinging to life after police say her father shot her


Timothy Clemmons

It happened during a drive-by shooting in a neighborhood near the Little Rock National Airport.

The man accused in the shooting, Timothy Clemmons, has two children with his ex-girlfriend. They were all home at the time of the incident Monday night, and the little girl was struck while she lay in bed.

The mother had a restraining order against Clemmons, but he denied everything in court Tuesday morning.

Timothy Clemmons says, "Your Honor, there's a mistake. I ain't did no shooting.”

Clemmons, according to police, shot his 8-year-old daughter Tamirra. Prosecutors say casings found in his car match projectiles found in home.

The victim's grandmother, Mary Reed, showed Today’s THV where the bullets went into her home, where they were all living.

Little Rock police spokesman Lt. Terry Hastings says, "He was upset with the mother of his children who was living at the house. He shot into the house to get back at her. Apparently this has been an on going domestic dispute for some time."

Reed's daughter, Tina, has an extensive history with Clemmons. Court documents show their relationship began in March of 1997. Restraining orders filed by the now 28-year-old Tina Reed show a violent history. (See quotes to the right.)

Mary Reed says, "He beat her up, knocked her teeth out, blacken her eye, it's terrible. They don't need to be together. I hope she's (Tamirra) OK; I hope they get the bullet out of her."

Reed tells Today’s THV her daughter and the suspect had just finished an angry phone call right before the shooting. Reed says Clemmons was mad because he found another man's name on her caller ID.

Police say Clemmons knew the two children were inside the home that he is accused of shooting in to.

Police: Man Who Shot Daughter Should Have Been In Jail


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