Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The number of people with criminal records in the United States military has doubled in the past three years

BBC News:

The report comes at the same time as the US armed forces is facing a decline in the number of volunteers wishing to enlist in the armed forces.

It says 824 felons were allowed to sign up in 2004 as opposed to 1,605 in 2006 under the moral waivers scheme.

Almost 59,000 drug abusers entered the military in the same period.

The report, sponsored by the American think tank Michael D Palm Centre, also showed that 43,977 people convicted of serious misdemeanours such as assault were permitted to enlist.

The moral waivers programme allows otherwise unqualified candidates to serve in the military.

With the continuing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the US military has raised its age limit for recruits from 35 to 42, and accepts more people with lower scores on its aptitude test.

Criminal waivers on rise for armed forces recruits

Military Enlistment of Felons Has Doubled; Murder and Other Serious Crimes Are Allowable Offenses

U.S. army giving more waivers in recruiting

US Army Letting In More With Criminal Records


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