Friday, February 09, 2007

A Somali asylum seeker jailed for several sex attacks but allowed to stay in the UK was given a British passport in error

BBC News:

A passport was issued to Mohammed in 2005

Last week Sadiq Mohammed, 31, was jailed indefinitely by Bristol Crown Court for molesting a young girl.

He had previously been recommended for deportation after attacking three women in 1999, including a teenage girl.

A Home Office spokesman said an investigation had been carried out and appropriate action taken.

"The issuing of a British passport to Mr Mohammed was the result of a one-off error by an individual passport examiner," said the spokesman.

"The passport in question has been revoked.

"This should not affect any deportation process concerning Mr Mohammed."

On Friday, Judge Tom Crowther, sitting at Bristol Crown Court, said Mohammed posed a great risk to the UK public and recommended him for deportation again.

"There's a real reason to expect that he will commit a similar offence in the future, he said.

"It's right now, as it was in 2000 with Judge Bootham, to recommend to the Home Secretary that he be deported.

"Whether he is or not is outside the realms of my jurisdiction."

The jury at his most recent trial had been told Mohammed, of Ecclestone House, Barton Hill, Bristol, had attacked three women near his home in 1999.

He was jailed for four years on one count of sexual assault and two of common assault, which the court had heard were both sexually motivated, and recommended for deportation.

Mohammed was also placed on the Sex Offenders' Register.

In what the Home Office described as a "gross error", he was issued with a British passport in 2005.

In 2006, Mohammed took a seven-year-old girl from outside a shop and sexually assaulted her in his Barton Hill flat.

Sex beast? Have a UK passport

The Undoubted Benefits of Ethnic Diversity III


At 1:45 PM, Blogger Reiver said...

I doubt very much whether issuing this vile piece of scum with a British passport was a "one off" mistake. The Marxists in government seem determined to turn our country into a multicultural society by flooding it with foreigners, at any price. There are no checks for criminal or health records. They government are pursuing a policy of sheer lunacy to fulfil their left-wing doctrine.


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