Monday, February 26, 2007

There has been a mixed reaction to Israel's decision to end immigration of Falash Mura from Ethiopia

Jewish Telegraph:

They are Jews who converted to Christianity at the end of the 19th century but who left behind their Jewish identity.

There are believed to be many hundreds of families left in Ethiopia desperate to go to Israel.

Angry Avraham Neguise, who champions the Falash Mura in Israel, said: "Many have brothers, sisters and grandparents here. These people belong to our community of Ethiopian Jews in Israel."

But Shlomo Molla, an Ethiopian Jew who made aliya in 1986, said: "They have been Christians for four, five, even six generations."

Molla, a member of the World Zionist Organisation executive, added: "These people converted to Christianity. They don't have a Jewish lifestyle."

An absorption ministry official said "it wasn't clear why everyone is so crazy about bringing these people to Israel".

He added: "They're not part of the Jewish people."

Israel capping Ethiopian aliyah?


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