Thursday, February 01, 2007

Woman who dated ex-CFLer Trevis Smith tells Regina court he denied having HIV

Canadian Press:

Trevis Smith

A 31-year-old Regina woman has taken the witness stand in the trial of a former CFL football player accused of spreading the HIV virus.

The woman said she had dated Trevis Smith for a number of years. She said when she heard rumours the one-time Saskatchewan Roughriders linebacker was HIV positive, she confronted him. She said he denied it and they continued to have sex.

Smith, 30, is charged with aggravated sexual assault for having sex with the woman and a woman in B.C. without telling them he had the virus.

He played seven years in the CFL before his contract expired before the 2006 season.

Woman tells Sask trial that ex-CFLer Trevis Smith never told her he had HIV

Former CFLer Smith back in custody

Roughriders admit knowing Smith's HIV status


At 6:22 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

From what I have heard and all I know there are still unanswered speculations and assumptions.Too many in fact, to decide guilt or innocence. Let's take a look at what is known but is not being said.
The "Woman" has said that she BELIEVES, she was infected by Trevis but obviously isn't sure by her own assumptions that know one else she has had, "Protected and Unprotected relations with" is negative." Does that infer that she is now having and has had unprotected relations since she discovered she was positive??? Hmmm. Oh she also says she didn't get infected from thin air, so are we to assume Trevis did. How about those pubblic health nurses whose memories are so sharp they can remember the words to the conversations they had with Trevis in 2003 ( 4 years ago) with no problem or without there being the possibility they are wrong, but, cannot remember who turned Trevis name in as a contact when they tested positive. Hmmm.
Back to the "woman", who believes Trevis infected her. Why has there not been a T cell count conducted on both parties, and the results compared. This would definetly tell who gave what to whom. That is if Trevis is positive. That's right folks, there is still some question as to whether Trevis is positive. Sure, the media and the Crown reported that he tested positive in 2003 with vigor and fervor, did they happen to mention that every subsequent test since has been either negative or inconclusive. Hmmm. Oh, isn't it also interesting to know that Trevis is asthmatic and is taking medications that have been taken by other people who have tested positive falsey. Here is a question for all Physicians. How likely is it for a person to be HIV POSITIVE, have chronic asthma, and play professional football, outside, in the snow, around others with colds and flu without taking any medications to boost the immune system, for two years, with no ill effects??? Hmmm. Trevis' wife, Tamika and his children are all negative and have at no time been even suspect of being positive.
Why didn't the Crown, Media, Judge go to the same lengths to protect Tamika as they have to protect the accusers and even the woman who is not ofically an accuser? I guess because they assume she is guilty by association. ( Shame on you Judge)
Speaking of the Judge, would it not be better to have such a weighty issue decided by a jury of Trevis' peers. We certainly know that the decision to find Trevis guilty came down to what one person believed, not based on a greater perponderance of the evidence, just what he believes. (Shame on you judge.) Isn't it also ironic that the Judge has already said he is just trying to decide how long of a sentence to give, but there is no way this going to be community based or come close to two years. Seems to me you already have your mind made up judge. (I guess justice isn't blind after all, but can actually see the future.)
That raises another question.
Why aren't the officials allowing Trevis to send out a blood sample for independent testing? (Shame on you Judge)
That's right, Trevis is a threat to public health. That is why he and his family were publicly plastered across every news mdeia in the world because he is a threat to public health. Keeping that in mind, what public is he a threat to now??? Hmm.
Lets look at the charge, aggravated sexual assualt. Let's see. No one in this whole ordeal, except Trevis, is in danger of dying.(prison) Neither of the alleged victims are positive. No one, except Trevis has had their lively hood taken with no way to provide for their families. No one was forced to perform any act, no one was beaten, raped, kidnapped, held against their will or coerced. (Aggravated Sexual Assault????) (Shame on you Judge)

A good investigative reporter might like the next couple of lines. Isn't it interesting about the timing of all this.
Why would officials communicate with an employer a year before they plan on taking action on one of their employees?(Shame on you Roughriders)
Why would the woman be told be officials to go to the roughriders with such a devastating complaint and not take any action for at least a year? Hmmm
Why would one of the alleged victims who decided that maybe her complaint wasn't all together true and wanted to end her pursuit of the charges, told by RCMP to go to the team and speak with them. Does the Roughriders organization have some special police power that none of us know about.
Isn't it also interesting Trevis was scheduled to sign with an NFL team just two days after all of this came about and had not signed a new contract with th riders. Then there is the issue of certain persons within the Roughriders organization who wanted personal compensation when Trevis was to sign with an NFL team earlier.
What a way to keep a starter. (Shame on you Roughriders)
Maybe it is just me, or maybe some else should really look at this. At any rate, there is a lot left than just what we have been told.
I guess we all have our doubts about this. But I thought as long as there was reasonable doubt....

At 8:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is amazing that all of the things that were brougth up I never knew. I have followed this closely also because I felt the team was more involved than they were letting on. You are correct also about the trial procedure. I am not saying Trevis is innocent, he did cheat on his wife, but I thought I took more rhan whta one person believed to condem a person. Hell, if that's all it takes, I believe I am Anna Nicoles' child farther, so send me my child and my money.


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