Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Britain: A fired social worker had to be dragged screaming from a court after a foul-mouthed tirade at a judge about gang culture

Daily Mail:

The judge was due to pass sentence on members of the gang that included Donnel Carty and Delano Brown

Two members of an armed gang of hooded thugs that included the killers of Tom ap Rhys Price were been jailed for a minimum of five years each.

The woman shouted references to Kodjo Yenga, 16, killed in Hammersmith last week: "They stabbed him to death. Do you know just what they were shouting? 'Kill him, kill him'." She was shouting about "children being killed in their f****** beds" as she was dragged out.

The woman, named unofficially as Liz Johnson and said to have been the social worker for defendants Harry Bees, 17, and Aaron Dennis, 19, was detained under the Mental Health Act.

She yelled at the judge: "I'm a social worker. I've just lost my job." As police and court officials rushed to restrain her, she shouted: "I don't care if I f****** get arrested. That boy that was lying on the floor dying... they stabbed him to death.

"Do you know just what they were shouting? 'Kill him, kill him'." As worried officials begged her to stop, she said: "I've already got the sack."

The judge remained in his seat as she harangued him, and tried to calm her as she became more and more hysterical, but what he said could not be heard above her screams.

As pandemonium overtook the court, she was surrounded by around ten officials and lawyers trying to calm her, but she shouted ever louder. She said: "My children. F*** the lot of you. For every black child who is shot dead in their bed by gangs... you will f****** listen to me.

"You will have to f****** kill me to get me off this stand." There were then heckles from the public gallery as people shouted 'get her out of here', and in moments dozens of people were yelling at the same time.

After the interjection the court heard, the gang conducted a terrifying campaign of robbery and gratuitous violence, the self-styled Kensal Green Tribe rampaged through Tube trains like a "pack of animals".

Some victims were stabbed while others where overwhelmed by a mob-handed barrage of punches and kicks as iPods, mobile phones, watches and cash was snatched.

One woman, held up at gun point, was even threatened with rape when she initially refused to hand over her valuables.

Those who dared resist were subjected to particular brutality, London's Middlesex Guildhall Crown Court was told. Death threats were frequent.

During eight months of savagery they and other gang members together committed an estimated 150 robberies.

Nearly half were on the underground. It was one of the most brutal and systematic "steaming" sprees the system had suffered and sent month-on-month statistic soaring by a staggering 400 per cent.

Victims were carefully selected with the help of a sickening "good mugging guide" one of the thugs made from a large London Underground map and hung on his bedroom wall.

Easy pickings were marked "good eating", while stations with a heavy police presence or where "prey" tended to resist were also identified.

It all peaked with the cold-blooded murder of high flying City lawyer Tom ap Rhys Pryce. Donnel "G Rock" Carty, 19, and Delano "Shy" Brown, 18, were jailed for life last year after they followed him from Kensal Green tube station in north-west London and stabbed him repeatedly for his mobile, oyster card and £20.

Men jailed for Tube gang attacks

'Hoodie' gang members jailed

Tube Gang Pair Jailed

'Hoodie' gang members jailed for tube robbery rampage

Tube gang caged for 'steaming'

American style violence comes to Britain

The white middle-class must stay and be steamed


At 11:37 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds like they could use a Bernie Goetz. You know what, we could use him again as well. That guy should have gotten a medal. He will always be a hero in my book.

At 1:31 PM, Anonymous Taylor said...

That staple of black culture: violent crime.

At 8:52 PM, Anonymous big bill said...

There just isn't anything that white folks can do to keep black folks from slaughtering each other.

No matter how much magical-white-power that poor, angry social worker attributes to us, there just isn't anything we can do.

God knows we wish we could wave a magic wand and magically cure the murderous impulses of black people all over the world, but we just can't.

I feel so sorry for them. They rage at us as though we are holding out on them, like we are keeping our magical civilized whiteness to ourselves and not offering to cure them, to civilize them, yet there really is nothing at all we can do. And how can you teach them that?

At 12:43 PM, Blogger Jim Bowery said...

"we" ARE holding out on them.

For decades a proposal has been on the table to set up a separate black homeland within the US run by the Nation of Islam.

They want some southern States and are willing to accept ALL of the blacks now incarcerated in the US prison system.

You doubt the Nation of Islam could clean up the black gang problem where "The Man" couldn't?

Have you seen the transformation of neighborhoods they've taken over?


A White "Racist"


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