Friday, March 09, 2007

Britain: A group of schoolboys have been arrested for allegedly shouting racist chants at their Jewish teacher

Nicole Martin:

The eight pupils aged 15 and 16 are said to have chanted "Yid Army" at David Appleman, a technology teacher at Chauncy School in Ware, Herts.

The chant is used by Tottenham Hotspur fans in friendly recognition of the club's support from the Jewish community in north London.

Officers from Hertfordshire Police arrested the boys at the school after Mr Appleman complained of alleged racism after seeing a video of the boys on the Internet site YouTube.

The pupils, who allegedly made the remarks at the teacher's leaving party, have been bailed to return to Hertfordshire Police Station on March 14 and 15.

Dennis O'Sullivan the school's head teacher, today criticised police for treating the boys as "criminals".

"David is seen on the video looking delighted, smiling and shaking hands with the boys," he said.

"At one point someone can be heard calling out Yid Army twice.

"We have Spurs supporters chanting Yiddo! Yiddo! about themselves at matches. I wonder if we will see the police making arrests at the next home match."

School 'racist' arrests

Teacher gets 8 nicked over vid


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