Thursday, March 29, 2007

England: An Orthodox Jewish councillor is at the center of a race row over dressing up to look like former South African leader Nelson Mandela

Leslie Bunder:

An Orthodox Jewish councillor is at the centre of a race row following his "blacking up" in a costume for Purim to look like former South African leader Nelson Mandela.

Barnet Conservative member Brian Gordon sent in a photo of himself to a local paper last week and within hours of appearing was met with a number of complaints from opposition members in Barnet who are seeking to have him sacked.

Leading the calls for Gordon to go is Lib Dem member Stieve De Lance who has already reported him to the council as well as the Commission for Racial Equality.

"How can he think this is funny or acceptable? It is thinly veiled racism," she said. "You cannot make jokes like this."

But Gordon has defended himself by saying every year he dresses up as a leader

"For several years on Purim I have taken on the guise of a range of famous personalities, including President Reagan, Boris Yeltsin, Ariel Sharon and Sir Ian Blair - people for whom I have the utmost respect and admiration, as I do for Nelson Mandela," he says.

Gordon added: "The last thing I have ever intended is to cause offence, and if I did on this occasion then I sincerely apologise. However, I am sure that anyone with a modicum of humour will view this matter in its proper perspective."

Race probe over Mandela costume

Tory accused of racism 30 years ago

Tory goes to a fancy-dress party as Mandela...and ends up in racism inquiry


At 11:29 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The unhinged kingdom where everyone in politics gets paid an hefty sum for watching out in their cultural marxist ways for racism.
Time they grew up, shilpa shetty herself was in fits of laughter on indian tv at an asian guy that blacked up like a minstrel yet in the uk was acting so pure,
Mandella on film singing kill the white man, see it all depends whom it is aimed at,
The more they go on, the more racists they create in the past we used to rub along together nowadays that is all changing.
Cultural marxism is wrecking this country it has become more like Orwells 1984 a child of ten questioned by the police for calling another boy at school gay boy, yet a young father stabbed in the neck the police don't even bother and then 7 months later the very same gang shoot him dead.
Whatever white people complain about gets ignored, but shout it was a racial incident and out the met come from their hiding places,
We all pay the police bill but we don't get their protection. the last few years i have never seen a real police man or woman except on the news.
So what the guy dressed up it was a fancy dress type thing,
But libdems like tories same as labour want the votes of blacks and muslims anyone else can go screw themselves.
Lets hope all the white voters tell them where to go on election day, i certainly shall my vote will go to the party that speaks for me and that is the bnp.


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