Thursday, March 29, 2007

Micheal Ray Richardson, coach of the Albany Patroons of the Continental Basketball Assn., has been suspended for comments that insulted Jews and gays

Jim Buzinski:

Micheal Ray Richardson

"Shut the **** up, you faggot," Richardson shouted to a heckler Tuesday during a game, the Albany Times Union reported. He also yelled at another fan to "shut the **** up." As for what he said about Jews, you have to read the account in the Times Union to get the true flavor:

"I've got big-time lawyers," Richardson said when discussing his contract negotiations. "I've got big-time Jew lawyers."

When told, however, that such an offhand remark might offend people because it plays to the stereotype that Jews are crafty and shrewd, Richardson replied: "Are you kidding me? They are. They've got the best security system in the world. Have you ever been to an airport in Tel Aviv? They're real crafty. Listen, they are hated all over the world, so they've got to be crafty."

Why are they hated? he was asked.

"They know that in this country the Jews are running it if you really think about it," Richardson said. "I mean, which is not a bad thing, you know what I mean?"

"How are they running it?" he was asked.

"They got a lot of power in this world, you know what I mean?" he said. "Which I think is great. I don't think there's nothing wrong with it. If you look in most professional sports, they're run by Jewish people. If you look at a lot of most successful corporations and stuff, more businesses, they're run by Jewish. It's not a knock, but they are some crafty people."

After his remarks became public, Richardson was suspended for the rest of the CBA championship series, and the league said it will conduct an investigation. "We will not tolerate and the league will not tolerate bigots to perform in our league," Patroons owner Ben Fernandez said.

When Patroons general manager Jim Coyne heard about the comments, they were not enough to make him want to talk to Richardson about his conduct, Times Union columnist Brian Ettkin reported. "He's an adult and he should know better," Coyne told Ettkin. "He knows if he's acting appropriately or inappropriately." Apparently, the CBA saw things differently.

Richardson was surprised by the suspension and issued a non-apology apology. "It's terrible and I don't think it's fair," Richardson said. "But I want to make an apology if I offended anyone because that's not me."

Richardson had been an NBA star before being suspended in 1986 for drug use. He then played in Europe for 14 years before coming back to the U.S. and the CBA.

Richardson is the second CBA official and former NBA player to be suspended for comments in a month that dealt with gays. Tim Hardaway, the former Miami Heat star, was relieved of his duties for the expansion Miami franchise after saying, "I hate gay people." Hardaway was reacting to the public coming out of former player John Amaechi.

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Say nay, Micheal Ray

Black Sports Commentator Suggests that Jews Have a Lot of Power and Influence, Gets Fired for Saying So


At 10:53 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hilarious. I read this and was cracking up. He happens to be right too. I can't find anything insulting about what he said. Was it reggie White you made all thos comments about Jews being good with money, blacks being good with athletics, and so on? People went nuts then too.

At 11:46 AM, Anonymous Brad S said...

It’s too bad I’m not an athlete, for I would LOVE to hear what folks think about the following paragraph of fact:

“The Bible is a book of violence being done under the auspices of a self-righteous, overly sensitive prick who commits genocide if a woman so much as looks in a ‘forbidden’ direction. It is a book that clearly equates homosexuals with child diddlers and considers them to be an “abomination.” It commands that children love a “father,” and thus is against single mothers who clearly do a better, more efficient, job of parenting. It has certain weird fetishes against shellfish and menustration, and are thus clearly out of touch with today’s diets and psychoanalysis. And the passages that justify slavery need no explanation.”

These statements are proven FACT, no matter how you interpret them. So, when should I expect to lose my job? For there is no way I’m offering any lame “apology”

At 3:09 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sure let him insult Jewish people, let him call someone a "faggot," but you can bet your ass there would be an explosion if the "n" word were used against him.

Sorry folks, he should be fired and he should be kept out of any position of authority in the world of sports. He got what his attitude has earned him. Let him live with it

At 7:11 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

He didn't say anyhting offensive other than the truth about the Jews having many positions of athority. Check it out for yourselves.


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