Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Polygamy, African immigrants and a fire in New York City


First watch this video of Bill O’Reilly. Bill is on fire, and at his very best counter punching a viewers E-mail critical of him questioning the immigration status of the Malian family that lost 10 members of it’s family in a tragic fire in the Bronx. Plus having no compassion for the children who died in the fire. Bill counters stating in no uncertain terms that that “so-called compassion” the viewer was talking about actually helped to kill those very children. The sanctuary status of New York City prevents anyone investigating the immigration status of possible illegal immigrants within city limits. Allowed 22 people to live in one house. In addition, the husband had two wives one living on the first floor and one living on the second.

In other words NYC looks the other way out of compassion for immigrants but that very same compassion set in motion the circumstances that lead to the fire and the deaths of 10 members of one family. Bill gets hot under the collar because of his own compassion toward children and the insanity that is our broken immigration system today. Well worth the watch folks. Sanctuary segment starts at 1:27 in.

Fire sweeps NYC bldg housing Mali fixer w/ 2 wives, 11 kids


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