Friday, April 27, 2007

African-American activist says that immigration amnesty is an immoral seizure of black jobs

Lesley Clark:

T. Willard Fair, the president of the Urban League of Greater Miami, is appearing in ads in The Washington Post and RollCall, a Capitol Hill newspaper, saying that "to black Americans, amnesty is an immoral seizure of our jobs."

"Amnesty for illegal workers is not just a slap in the face to black Americans. It's an economic disaster," he says in the ad, which identifies him as a civil rights leader.

The ad cites a 2006 National Bureau of Economic Research paper that suggests a "strong correlation between immigration, black wages, black employment rates and black incarceration rates."

The ads are sponsored by the Coalition for the Future American Worker, which wants to beef up border security, end illegal immigration and cut legal immigration in half:

"I see illegal immigration and the adverse impact that it has on the political empowerment of African-Americans, and the impact it has on the job market," Fair, a political independent, said in a telephone interview.

The ad quotes Fair saying that black Americans have lost "hundreds of thousands of jobs to foreign workers willing to work for next to nothing," and it blames undocumented immigrants for "40 percent of the decline in employment among black American men."

Fair said in the interview that he also was worried that unchecked immigration could cost blacks politically, by diluting mostly black congressional districts.

"As we are at a zenith of our political power, with what's happening with illegal immigration we could easily lose six or eight seats," he said.

Coalition For The Future American Worker



At 1:07 PM, Anonymous Congressional Black Caucus said...

Immigration reform goals for the CBC

The members of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) recognize the need for a comprehensive approach to immigration reform that includes increased security, protection against illegal immigration, immigration policies that have articulated objectives and fair administration of our immigration system. Consistent with this, the CBC adopts the following Statement of Principles.

The CBC supports immigration criteria that will increase the diversity of immigration from countries that have historically been underrepresented, such as countries in the Caribbean and Africa, or treated unequally, such as Haiti.

The CBC supports earned access to lawful permanent resident status for persons currently in the United States that takes the following factors into account:

Unification of immigrant families, which would include uniting immigrants with spouses, children or other close family members who are citizens or lawful permanent residents of the United States;
Proven employment records through temporary and guest worker programs or other temporary residence programs; and
Such reform of earned access to citizenship should also include a path to permanency for the undocumented already here.
The CBC believes that all citizens and legal workers in the United States should be assured education and job training, non-discriminatory employment opportunity and livable wage. The CBC, therefore, supports increased funding for education and job training utilizing fees generated from new immigration provisions and other resources and supports increased funding for enforcement of laws against employment discrimination, wage and hour violations, unfair labor practices and illegal hiring. The CBC also supports holding employers accountable for the legal status of their employees.

The CBC believes that the federal government has the responsibility to protect, through border security and other means, against immigrants illegally entering the country and/or overstaying their authorized periods of admission. The CBC, therefore, supports funding for border security equipment, border patrol agents, enforcement and other resources as reasonably necessary to accomplish those objectives.


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