Thursday, April 26, 2007

Britons' concern over an influx of immigrants is a mounting theme in the run-up to local elections in May

Simon Rabinovitch:

Immigration Minister Liam Byrne wrote last week that the country has been "deeply unsettled" by the more than half million east Europeans, largely from Poland, who have arrived over the past three years.

82 percent of 2,254 Britons questioned in a recent YouGov poll said the government does not have immigration under control. Only 31 percent said immigrants were good for the national economy.

Their views are reflected in newspapers publishing a steady flow of articles calling for tighter restrictions.

"We must regain control of our borders -- now," read a recent opinion column in the Daily Telegraph. "Immigrant baby boom: NHS (National Health Service) under strain from east Europeans," was a headline last month in the Daily Mail.

Public attitudes to immigration are hardening in Britain:

The YouGov poll in January showed that 63 percent of Britons strongly agreed there should be limits to the number of immigrants allowed in each year: up from half of respondents 10 months earlier.

Such discontent is potentially fruitful for the British National Party. The far-right party with an anti-immigrant message is fielding a record 827 candidates in the May 3 local elections, more than double its roster last year.

Although the BNP is still a fringe actor in British politics, the mainstream is also raising questions.

Immigration minister Byrne wrote: "It's not racist for (the governing labor Party) to debate immigration; it's the real world -- the world in which the people we represent live."

The government is planning a points system to manage migration from non-EU countries. Limits were placed on the number of workers allowed in from new EU members Romania and Bulgaria -- a shift from the open-door policy for Poland and other east European nations in 2004.

And even the businesses that welcome migrant workers worry that dependence on imported skills might mean Britain neglects the skill levels of its own children.

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At 4:45 AM, Anonymous Helena Carter said...

Feelings are running high in Britain and the BNP are set to enjoy real success around the UK.

Their support base has moved from the white working class forced to live on "enriched" sink estates to the middle classes and those "white flighters" who do not wish to live in the ghettoes many immigrants create for themselves.

Years of Far left policies on politically correct language and policies has created fertile breeding pockets for the BNP who are seen as persecuted political dissadents.

They are now the lone voice calling for an end to the Islamification of Europe and particularly Britain.

Immigration has become the single biggest issue to many throughout Britain, because unlike the politicians who live in nice areas of greenbelt, the people are forced to vie for scarce and substandard schools and public services with unprecedented levels of immigrants with no language, medieval customs, and no skills.

The main problem is that the Tories (Conservatives) would traditionally have been the voice of reason, a credible Opposition to Blairs immigration free- for- all.
Unfortunately that troubled party is led by half a man, an out of touch "toff" whose vision for Britain is stuck on recycling rubbish and the melting of polar ice caps.

The immediate environment in Britain....that his potential voters have to live in, is ignored.
The fear of being branded "racist" has rendered him impotent and unworthy of attention of all but the Sloaniest Ranger.

Enter the BNP run by the shoot from the hip Nick Griffin, survivor of TWO show trials against the right to refer to Islam as "A wicked vicious Faith"
He was found not guilty... twice!

The BNP remain the only home for the patriot, the dispossed and very importantly..the protest vote.
Labour, Conservative and Liberals didn't listen, or reply to polite e-mails about immigration.
Now they will hear the roar from the streets.

At 2:43 PM, Anonymous Dave said...

The BNP remain the only home for the patriot, the dispossed and very importantly..the protest vote.

Unfortunately, "Christian" groups such as the Church of England are trying to undermine support for the BNP.


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