Thursday, April 12, 2007

England: Twenty-three people have been arrested in an armed raid on a former Rastafarian temple in south London

BBC News:

About 250 officers targeted the 32-room property in St Agnes Place, Kennington, in the early hours.

The site, seen as the focal point for the UK's Rastafarian community, was receiving up to 600 visits a day, mostly for drugs, police said.

Kilogrammes of cannabis, some crack cocaine and ammunition were found inside, said police.

The search of the property is expected to take up to three days.

The site had been under 24-hour surveillance for the past six months, police said.

Lambeth Borough Commander Martin Bridger said there were different rooms for different drugs.

"If you were there to buy cannabis, you were probably directed to one room," he said.

"If you were there to buy crack cocaine, you were directed to another room."

Evidence was gathered against a core of about 12 people suspected of drug dealing since the operation began last October.

An explosive which goes off with a large bang, was used to distract those inside the premises as officers filed in.

It made some residents believe they had heard gun shots, but a police spokesman said no weapons were used.

23 arrested in Rasta temple drugs raid

Cops hold 23 in Rasta raid

Drugs raid on former Rastafarian temple


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