Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Police have the man they believe abducted a 14-year-old girl from an Indianapolis school bus stop and then raped her

Gene Rodriguez:

Stephen Sides

Tuesday morning deputies transferred 40-year-old Stephen Sides from the Arrestee Processing Center to the Marion County jail.

The detective who has been working the case said it was DNA evidence that matched the rape to Sides. Sides was arrested Tuesday evening just blocks away from where the 14-year-old victim was abducted from her bus stop at knifepoint and raped in a nearby vacant house on Mar. 23.

None of the leads Detective Linda White received led her to Sides, the DNA from the girl's rape kit that matched DNA already in the CODUS system did. White admits without this break she was nowhere close to arresting Sides.

"His name had never surfaced; I had never heard his name. Obviously I had been searching that area and I had gotten a few tips on that street where we picked him up yesterday, but I had never gotten a call back from that house," White said.

Sides DNA was in the system because he spent nearly three months in the State Department of Correction for a guilty plea on a criminal confinement charge related to a domestic battery case in 2001. It is procedure for Department of Correction to obtain DNA from prisoners.

Sides is now facing rape, criminal confinement and battery charges.

Suspect in student's rape has DUI hearing

Police Make Arrest in Bus Stop Abduction and Rape


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