Monday, April 09, 2007

Steve Sailer on Jewish influence

Steve Sailer:

The irony is that, beyond the specific accomplishments of thinkers such as Albert Einstein and Milton Friedman, one of the great general Jewish contributions to the world over the last two centuries has been their attitude of relentless critical inquiry.

Admittedly, this "question everything" predilection hasn't always worked out for the best. Freud's obsession with uncovering the long-term impact (if any) of toilet training, for instance, proved to be a huge waste of time for all concerned. Yet the world has benefited, overall, from the rule more strongly advocated by Jewish intellectuals than by anybody other group: That nothing should be immune from analysis.

Well, to be precise, let's strike "nothing" from that principle and substitute "only one thing." And that lone topic too sacred for public discussion is: Jewish influence itself—especially when the investigation is carried out by non-Jews.

Jewish success in the public sphere is one of those phenomena that is widely denounced as a "stereotype". But it is as well documented as anything in the social sciences.

From Commentary

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