Friday, May 18, 2007

Sweden has extradited to Germany a Moroccan who is suspected of having links to the Islamic terrorist group Al-Qaeda


German prosecutors suspect Abdelali Miftah of recruiting radical Muslims to fight US-led forces in Iraq last year.

He was arrested in Sweden in March after Germany issued an arrest warrant.

He was questioned by German prosecutors on Thursday as part of an investigation into a German-Moroccan man, identified only as Redouane E. H., who is being held in Germany on suspicion of trying to set up an Islamist cell in Sudan.

The aim of the cell was to conduct a holy war against "crusaders" on the orders of Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden, a statement from the prosecutors' office said.

With Redouane E. H. planning to go to Sudan, Miftah was to have taken over the role of recruiting fighters from eastern Germany and organising their passage to Iraq through Syria, prosecutors said.

German prosecutors said another man, Thaer A., a 32-year-old Moroccan who was extradited to Germany from Sweden in April, was also involved in the planning of the Sudan cell.

Sweden hands over to Germany alleged accomplice of al-Qaida suspect

Sweden extradites suspected Islamist terrorist to Germany


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