Thursday, June 28, 2007

ADL Director Abraham Foxman: The United Methodist Church's call to divest from companies linked to Israel is bordering on anti-Semitism

Yaakov Lappin:

Foxman furiously condemned recommendations made by the New England branch of the Methodist Church for its members to divest "from twenty companies identified as supporting the Israeli occupation in Palestine."

The recommendations were made by a "task force" of clergy and church members set up to implement a "resolution to end the Israeli occupation," a statement by the Church added.

Foxman, who is currently in Israel, said it was "sad that a religious institution whose job should be to reconcile continues to be biased and bigoted."

He added that in the past two years, "there has been a war perpetrated by Hizbullah, katyushas rockets, and terrorist acts. Now Hamas, that does not recognize Israel's right to exist and perpetrated violence, has gotten itself elected, and is in control of a million and a half Palestinians. And the Methodists are still there to teach Israel a lesson."

"My reaction is one of outrage to this biased decision, which borders on anti-Semitism. The facts show that any decent fair-minded, spiritual, godly person would not come to a conclusion to boycott the victim, the one that has been praying for peace, suing for peace, hoping for peace. To make Israel the target is just outrageous," Foxman added.

In the Church's statement, William P. Aldrich, chairperson of the 'Divestment Task Force,' was quoted as saying: "Selective divestment is consistent with the United Methodist commitment to a just and sustainable peace for all the people of the Middle East." He added that the divestment campaign "offers a tangible way of working toward this goal."

In its press release, the Church said it knew its actions would not have an impact on Israel's economy, adding that "this is not the goal."

"The goal is to make all United Methodists and other Americans aware of their relationship to companies that benefit from the Israeli occupation," the statement added.

"The urgency of the humanitarian crisis in the occupied Palestinian territories cannot be overstated," the United Methodist Church declared on its website.



At 2:57 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ah more whining by the neocon-artists who run America.

So you stand by all the boycotts and bullying of people fighting for their freedom and yet when your own side gets the same you whine and whine.

People are seeing what is going on and how much pain is being caused by right wing sadistics policies and they are complainign rightfully.

You were happy when Israel was leading the charge to boycott the Palestinians by your paid cronies in the Senate and Congress. No complaints there.

But G-d forbid anyone from boycotting Israel.

It is people like you who are the cause of the current mess.

Why can't a UN Force go in to the 67 lines and establish a seperation? Why not cause people like you want to keep the fighting going to serve your own sordid interests.

At 3:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"The urgency of the humanitarian crisis in the occupied Palestinian territories cannot be overstated," the United Methodist Church declared on its website...

That is bullshit. Any problems the Palestinians have are their own fault. Look at the recent savagery with the Hamas/Fatah nonsense. Most of the aid money for those barbarians ends up in European bank accounts and to keep the widow Arafat living high. The Methodists and ADL and Foxman deserve each other anyway.


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