Friday, June 15, 2007

A British judge has lifted an order banning the identification of an Islamic terrorist suspect who is on the run

Daily Telegraph:

Siddiqui is described as 5ft 9in and of slim build, with black hair and brown eyes

Zeeshan Siddiqui, 27, escaped from a mental hospital in west London in October, last year.

He had been due for trial at the Old Bailey accused of three breaches of his Control Order, alleging he failed to report to police on three occasions.

Siddiqui, who was brought up in Hounslow, west London, will now face a more serious charge of absconding in addition to the original breaches, the court was told.

He was sectioned under the Mental Health Act in September last year and had been placed under the Control Order in April.

At an earlier hearing, he pleaded not guilty to failing to report to a police station on May 16 and 19, and on June 2, last year.

Officers appealed for information to help them trace Siddiqui, who is described as 5ft 9in and of slim build, with black hair and brown eyes. Police warned members of the public not to approach him but to dial 999 immediately.

Siddiqui dropped out of Cranford Community College in 1997.

In 2005 he was arrested in Pakistan. He was held by security services for several months and questioned over his links to July 7 bombers.

It later emerged that he had kept a 35-page diary on his laptop.

In it he complained: "All alone in a strange land. I can trust no-one except Allah... I am constantly laughed at and ridiculed."

In another entry he wrote: "Indeed the armies of Islam are coming" and three days later called London "the vital organ of the minions of the devil."

During his time in jail he wrote a four-page letter to the Daily Telegraph in which he condemned the attacks.

"I have never taken part in any terrorist activity nor do I support or ever intend to support any terrorist activities," he wrote.

He was released in March last year and returned to Britain.

On his return he was put under a control order and later sectioned under the mental health act, but he leapt out of a mental hospital window and escaped.

Preacher of hake in chippie


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