Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Morocco: A family who were fighting to move out of the public toilet they lived in now wished they were back


Aze Adine Ould Baja and his wife Khadija Makbout spent some of the best years of their life in the Sidi toilets, in Sale, Morocco.

But after seven years living in the toilet and now with a new born added to their clutch they felt it was time to move up the property ladder.

Mr Baja worked as an attendent at the loo for 23 years earning less than 50p a day and lived there for seven.

He decided the only way to make a clean break was to go to his local newspaper to see if they could help make the authorities give them better accomodation.

He said: 'I was fed up with the situation and I was becoming more and more ill,

'There were lots of vermin in the toilet. My little boy is only seven months old but he is also a Moroccan citizen and deserves better.'

But a few days after the article appeared the local authorities moved in to block up the toilet's entrance with concrete.

Mr Baja, his wife and three children now find themselves with no home at all.

Although this family's story is unusual, it is not altogether surprising.

Hundreds of thousands of Moroccans live in abject poverty in slums and shanty towns while others live in luxury.

Some of those slums have produced the recent waves of suicide bombers.

Moroccan family barred from toilet


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