Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The sacred bullock Shambo which tested positive for bovine TB is likely to be slaughtered, despite a campaign by Hindus to keep him alive

BBC News:

On Tuesday, rural affairs minister, Jane Davidson said she was minded to proceed with an order to put him down.

A slaughter order in May, caused outcry among Hindus and others at the multi-faith Skanda Vale community.

The Many Names of God is a monastic centre which embraces all faiths and includes three Hindu shrines.

The six-year-old black Friesian tested positive for bovine TB during a routine screening on 27 April.

But Hindu monks at the temple in Llanpumpsaint, launched a worldwide campaign to save the animal, saying it was contrary to their faith and its killing would desecrate the temple.

Brother Alex from Skanda Vale, said they were disappointed with the decision.

"People should not be deceived. This is not really about animal welfare or human health. It's about money, it's about politics," he added.

"It should be based on actual risk, not some hypothetical scaremongering."

He said he is not yet convinced Shambo has bovine TB and maintains he could be treated with antibiotics.

Speaking on behalf of the community, Sanjay Mistray said they expect Shambo to be slaughtered next Monday and would seek a court injunction in the meantime.

"What is disappointing is that they have refused to allow anyone else to examine Shambo.

"There are still tests he can undergo that would indicate whether he actually has TB, that is not conclusive. At the moment he is in perfect health and shows no sign of illness."

He added that Ms Davidson had "decided not to exercise her right of discretion to save the Shambo".

Ms Davidson said that to protect public and animal health the normal policy for controlling bovine TB was slaughter.

"There are no antibiotics licensed in the UK for treating bovine TB in cattle," she said.

"This means that if Shambo were given antibiotics experimentally, there would be no way of testing whether they had cured him."

"I am acutely aware of the distress that this will cause not only to the community, but also to many in the wider Hindu community," she said.

"We have considered long and hard the case that the community (at Skanda Vale) has made, and officials met representatives of the community and members of the wider Hindu community last week to discuss matters."

Campaigners at Skanda Vale, have warned that they will try and save the animal by forming a human chain around the site where it was kept in isolation.

Sacred cow with bovine TB 'to be put down'


At 2:25 PM, Anonymous George Powell said...

"BULLMUCK" just leave animals alone!!

If it isn’t the swaggering farmers that are parading animals about at shows and on into the slaughterhouses for their own profit then its religion that is exploiting them, forcing these unfortunate creatures like pets into accepting their unwanted adoration and worship. Whenever humans abuse animals by taking away their freedom, breed them in great numbers and deny them their natural right to live in fields and forests away from human contact then we ultimately foster disease which brings upon them an early death, one which they definitely did not deserve, as is proved in the case of our dear friend Shambo.

If we British really do have respect, reverence and indeed love for other animals then we need to get a bill passed to the effect that cattle etc must be allowed to live a wild and free existence well away from contact with humans, respecting this right to live as nature intended should help protect humans from the present danger of contracting TB and conversely from passing it on to animals, or have we not considered this yet?. TB and a multitude of other illness’s has been around for thousands of years and the ancient cattle survived them all, how though can they survive the ecological imbalance brought about by barbaric modern day farming practice that nurtures a fertile breeding ground for the proliferation of lethal diseases like TB, Foot & Mouth and Avian flue to mention just a few.
Some wonder why we haven’t yet learned from our former abuses, (e.g. from feeding ground up and dried body parts to vegetarian animals ) and believe a potential sword of Damocles still stands poised to punish humans for consuming the by-products of misery (CJD infected meat), this could yet result in unimaginable suffering for humans. Will we never learn?

Cattle like any other creatures are not religious artefacts, neither are they possessions, nor are they objects of devotion, they are just living beings the same as you and I which have a rightful place on this earth, their place is not in captivity, care whatever any brand of religious leaders may say, unnecessary captivity is wrong whether it be on a Farm or for that matter in a Temple“.

Let us stop breeding animals like Shambo into enforced captivity, cease exploiting them, and definitely stop worshipping them.

Respect the natural rights of all beings, for it is part of the very essence of true spirituality.

Good Health both to Man and to Beast!


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