Tuesday, July 03, 2007

British government: The number of state-subsidized homes given to foreign families is four times higher than previously claimed

Daily Mail:

They confirmed that 200,000 citizens of foreign countries hold the keys to council or housing association homes.

The figure means that one in 25 of the five million state sector homes is occupied by those who are not British citizens.

Six weeks ago Downing Street gave the impression that one in every 100 social homes is occupied by a foreigner.

The latest figures, confirmed yesterday by the Department of Communities, deepened the row over which families get social housing.

Culture Minister Margaret Hodge said in May it was unfair that newly-arrived migrants should jump to the top of the housing queue. She said this had created tensions among working class white families.

Since the 1970s houses and flats have been handed out on the basis of "need", replacing the waiting list system which gave local families homes once they had waited long enough.

200,000 'social homes' given to immigrants


At 11:28 AM, Anonymous Joey said...

Come to London's inner city council estates. I'll show you entire blocks in which you'll hardly see a white face, and those will be mainly those who've been sitting tenants from the year dot.

These places are like Putnam's paper in microcosm, because they're an incredible mix of peoples from all four corners of the world.


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