Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Finland: Court rules that 3 young Somalis who were convicted of violent robberies can be deported to Somalia


The court ruled that the northern part of the country was stable enough to allow the deportations. A fourth offender, whose home is the capital Mogadishu, will not be deported because the court felt the city was still too dangerous.

Channel 4 news reports that the three defendants may be deported immediately unless they decide to file an appeal to the Supreme Administrative Court.

All of the youth were members of a group of mainly Somali minors who carried out a number of violent muggings in Helsinki two years ago. Some were handed prison sentences, and the Directorate of Immigration decided to deport them.

The deportation was contested in court on the grounds that Somalia is still a country at war, and too dangerous to send immigrants or refugees back. At the end of last year the Directorate of Immigration suspended all deportation orders to the country pending the result of this case.

Changed Overnight: Race in Finland by Edward Dutton


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