Friday, August 24, 2007

Dog-fighting and the African-American community

Dave Gibson:

While most of are sickened by the details of NFL star Michael Vick's brutal and cowardly treatment of his dogs, incredibly there is a large segment of this nation's black population (including the NAACP) which cannot understand the outrage.

Amid all of the coverage devoted to the Michael Vick case by the mainstream media, the one thing that is often right on the tip of the reporter's tongue, but which we will never hear is the fact that dog fighting is a common and accepted activity in every black inner city neighborhood across the United States. The pit bull has become the dog of choice by young black thugs, who see no wrong in placing their dog in mortal danger.

What was traditionally an activity participated in by poor whites in the rural South, dog fighting has now become as popular as football or basketball amongst a great many black Americans. To this element, the cruel act of pitting dogs against one another which often ends with one or both dogs being maimed or killed, is seen no differently than a boxing match.

One cannot be certain as to which is more appalling, the disgusting accounts of Vick enjoying watching his dogs rip off one another's face, then torturing them to death by drowning or electrocution when they lose or the nonchalant responses to his activities given by his fellow black millionaire athletes.

NBA thug Stephon Marbury who plays for the New York Knicks, recently defended Vick by saying: "They don't say anything about people shooting deer." He went on to declare: "Dog fighting is a sport!"

Former NFL celebrity Deion Sanders even wrote an article for defending Vick's criminal behavior. Sanders justified the brutality by saying: "What a dog means to Vick might be a lot different than what he means to you." He went on to offer the following insights: "I believe Vick had a passion for dog fighting. I know many athletes who share his passion. The allure is the intensity and the challenge of a dog fighting to the death. It's like ultimate fighting, but the dog doesn't tap out when he knows he can't win."

Then this final gem from Sanders: "It reminds me of when I wore a lot of jewelry back in the day because I always wanted to have the biggest chain or the biggest, baddest car. It gives you status."

While we will hear the usual excuse from liberals as to why many poor blacks engage in dog fighting, that excuse does not hold water for Vick who of course is black, but who also is a millionaire. For that, the NAACP steps in.

President of the Atlanta Chapter of the NAACP, R.L. White recently told CNN: "The way he (Vick) is being persecuted, he wouldn't have been persecuted that much had he killed somebody." White went on to condemn the NFL for suspending him and demanded that Vick eventually be reinstated and allowed to play.

While functional illiterates such as Michael Vick are idolized by poor black teenage boys, who also see a prison sentence as badge of honor, Vick's actions only be further encouragement to torture 'man's best friend.'

Foxx defends Vick over dog fighting charges


At 10:04 PM, Blogger Svigor said...

"What a dog means to Vick might be a lot different than what he means to you."

I can definitely get behind that sentiment, as what a negro means to the average slumbering white is hell and gone from what he means to me.

At 1:47 PM, Anonymous Hal said...

Is anyone really surprised that most blacks have no problem with Vick's thuggish behavior?

At 11:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dog fighting is a horrible crime. If you focus on the images of the fighting and the cruelty inflicted on these animals, you certainly cannot sympathize with Michael Vick. I don't believe that the majority of black people are behind or support this activity. People may not be aware of what this activity entails, but if they really take a hard look at dogfighting they will reject the practice no matter what their race.

At 12:02 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pit Bulls have been around since the founding of the Republic, but didn't become a "social problem" or a menace to the ordinary citizen until they were discovered by large numbers of blacks and hispanics about 20 years ago. Before then dogfighting was a marginal activity of a small rural subculture. Also pit bulls in the rural South were not exclusively used for fighting but primarily used as farm "catch dogs" for cattle and pigs as well as hunters of feral pigs.

At 9:51 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why is that anything done inside of this country always lead to some form of racial tension the truth of the matter is that dog fighting was a huge part of american history both black and white, but as we live we should also learn from our mistakes and not repeat history just b/c it was something done by our fore fathers. Dog fighting to them represented a lifestyle that were living themselves, we no longer live such a lifestyle and neither should our pets be forced to endure such pain either.

At 8:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

IT IS A DOG!!!!!!!!!!! An animal that was placed on this earth to obey. Just like all other animals. Some people and cultures beleive in eating dogs. they are no different from chickens or other animals that we all eat. Dogs are nothing but domesticated cross-breeded wolves. Yes, I have researched everything that is done to dogs in dog-fighting and I have also researched what is done to other animals. I have a dog that i love and no i would not fight her against anything in any way, but for people who chose to do that with their property then I do not beleive that people should make such a big deal about it. African Americans are not the only people who view dog-fighting as a sport they are just the only people that the media takes advantage of. i'm tired of people callin African Americans who support dog fighting barbaric or thuggish. I guess I can say all white people love horseracing. Horses were not meant to be hit with objects to be made to run. We have bigger issues in the U.S. than dogs. It seems like you will get more time for harming a dog these days than a human. People need to get over it. Seriously.

At 2:36 PM, Anonymous The Black Dragon said...

What is wrong with the U.S.A?

First let me say this, I agree at 100% with the person that started with "IT IS A DOG!...", you are so right!

What are you people thinking for fuck sake? We are talking about dogfighting and the first word I see posted by "Svigor" (probably on of those big racist pricks that didn't know that white people use to slave the African Americans and Kill THEM...oh yes THE, they were people not dogs!) is the word "Negro"...why do you have to do this? (by the way I am white). I am from Europe and all I have to say is that I look down on the US right now! Why do you always believe what your "brainwashing" TV channels are telling you...they are showing you what they want you to see and believe but the day Citizens of the US will start to realise what the truth is, USA will be out of trouble and will be respected again worldwide! You are doing such a big fuzz about Vick's case, I do not admire dogfighting at all, but like it was said earlier IT IS A FUCKING DOG!!!

Why don't you post something about what your retared President Bush did to thousands of CITIZENS in Irak and Afghanistan, and I use the word Citizens because you must know that the US Army bombed a Wedding Ceremony that killed a dozen of people INCLUDING CHILDREN!!! Now this is a CRIME but I don't see Bush or any of those fucking retards (that joined the army) in prison! Why not? Simply because your President is white and has Power, and don't you tell me that you don't like him because for your knowledge, Bush was ELECTED 2 FUCKING TIMES by the Americans Citizens (a majority) now that is something you should talk about and wonder how could this happen? But no, instead of this, Vick's case is more important, for sure HE is exactly what USA needs, an African-American Idol that needs to be put behind bars so that the American Citizens talks like "Oh those black people are so violent bla bla bla..." where the fuck is your brain?

I am not saying that I agree with Vick's behavior but I strongly believe that he didn't deserve that kind of sentence. It is way too big and pointless! I ddin't see any of the "Big" NFL officials being put behind bars for allowing players to use steroids and other drugs and PLEASE don't bother to tell they don't!

I just can't understand your country, it seems if you are african-american, hispanic, asian, anything but white you are trouble! What the fuck is wrong with your country? Your country was build and has history thanks to all those people, when will you "white-retarded-lovers" understand and realise this??? Come on wake up!

I am just so pissed by your citizens reactions on this case and many others, I post this not only for Vick's case matter but for the USA matter...your country is so fucked up and it doesn't seems that you are learning from the past mistakes...sad sad sad!

At 7:30 PM, Anonymous Clasidog said...

WoooHoooo!! Black Dragon... the following sentence is the ONLY thing I disagree with...
"I do not admire dogfighting at all, but like it was said earlier IT IS A FUCKING DOG!!! " - That's horrid!!

BUT the rest....BRILLIANT!!

At 10:46 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Only a dog..So what makes you think you're more important than a dog or a cockroach for that matter? Some retarded belief in god or other such nonsense?

Having lived in many poor neighborhoods I can honestly say from what I've seen minorities don't like animals in general(maybe they see them as competition or they are jealous). The only animals they can relate to are the ones they can use like weapons.

At 10:52 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

African-Americans are the human version of the pit bull. Naturally aggressive and physically capable of great harm.

At 4:39 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love all the black apologists for dog-fighting. They just prove that many if not most blacks are still savages and have no place in civilized society.

Exhibit A:

As an aside to the "it's just a dog" crowd, do you realize that your black brothers and sisters in Africa still practice cannibalism? That your black brothers and sisters in America murder each other at ten times the white rate?

Surely American blacks like Vick and Cherry would eat people too, if the white taxpayers did not provide them with such luxurious welfare and food stamps. Instead they commit senseless acts of violence on animals to satisfy their primitive bloodlust.

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At 11:53 AM, Blogger erikworld said...

I couldnt disagree more with the entire premise of your inaccurate use the activity of a small segment of the Black community and a few clueless rich athletes as evidence is the worst kind of "journalism" and its not fighting IS NOT CONDONED BY THE VAST MAJORITY OF AFRICAN-AMERICANS...I grew up with a three uncles and many many cousins...and if you had tried to abuse their pets, ther dogs....dobermans, shepherds, pits, would have been beat down so bad your mamma would have had a hard time reckonizig you....marbury, whoopi, whoever don't speak for me or are "our leaders"...they speak for themselves fighting reaches back to the romans and is sadly known from russia to japan to the is wrong and the vast majority of african-americans, just like all good, humane folks, don't accept or condone that vile practice....your article is just so dead is just blatently untrue

At 1:58 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


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At 4:59 AM, Anonymous How To Get Rid Of Bad Breath said...

May Vick learn something

At 9:56 PM, Anonymous Albert said...

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At 9:17 AM, Anonymous Raynard said...

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At 11:23 AM, Blogger lefty said...

Put Vick in a cage with another african and let them fight to the death. After all, they're just africans

At 9:25 PM, Blogger swanker31 said...

The way blacks think is why a race war is inevitable. We just think too different and one day will come when we will stand up and say im not just going to sit here while kunta kinta ruin my country.I mean google it they are 18% of population but they are 49% of all rapes and murders.Us white people will wake up on day and ethniclly cleanse our own country again. We did it when the indians got too dangerous for us and we will do it again if we have to.

At 9:31 PM, Blogger swanker31 said...

Our president is the one that gave vick permission to own another dog providing it's not a pit bull. That's a slap in the face to me. Vick should never be able to own another animal ever.
But since it's ok for vick i think pedophiles providing they completed their jail time should have no problem adopting a child then right?? Whats good for the goose is good for the gander right????????

At 11:08 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

I am not white and I think dog fighting is WRONG. Just because some people in Merrie Olde England and the rural American South fought dogs (and people in Asia fight chickens, etc.) does not make it OK. It just tells us that human beings are not civilized yet.

I eat meat, but I only buy pastured meat and I get my eggs and milk from a local farm where I know the animals are humanely treated. It's because I believe that God gave us animals to use, not to abuse. There IS a difference.

As far as people - of course people matter more than animals. But sometimes it's really hard to understand that when you have dogs and cats who are loving, affectionate, etc., while people are killing each other, raping each other, etc. Animals seem to have more empathy than people, and that's really sad.

As far as the whole Michael Vick thing - why don't people boycott his games? He's a thug. there's a big difference between decent black people who are law-abiding, respectable, etc., vs. n*ggers, who are scum of the earth. Why does our media idolize the latter? Rap artists who talk about raping "hos" and killing cops, etc. Why do they talk positively now about Vick while trashing someone like Tim Tebow for his faith?

Like I said, I'm not white but I don't have any problems with any person of any race as long as they are a civilized human being. People who torture other creatures for pleasure do not fit my definition of civilized.

At 4:26 AM, Blogger Reaganite Republican said...

'Unknown' @ 11.08AM:

Hard to put it better than that...

Bless You

At 5:51 PM, Blogger Kitty purry said...

There is absolutely no reason to compare dog fighting to human killing. VICK DID NOT GET TREATED AS IF HE KILLED A HUMAN- HE IS BACK IN THE GAME NOW. Had he killed someone, he would have still been in jail if it were similar with the torture and beating of the loser of human fights. To those who say "it's just a dog- his property" I urge you to think about how ENERGY IS NOT CREATED NOR DESTROYED (LAW OF PHYSICS). Might sound weird to bring that up but what I'm saying is all living things come back as another living things- even the air you breathe and the water you drink is as old as the beginning of the Earth- all atoms are just rearranged in new forms. What that means for you is if you mercilessly hurt any INNOCENT(key word- self defense is always different) being, you will come back and experience that pain you inflicted on another. So, when you say it is "just a dog" etc etc I urge you to envision the ending moment's for the loser dog while he witnesses his owner beat him mercilessly, drown him, electrocute him, every sort of awful torture unnecessary pain until death. Now if this were just a "humane sport" of some dogs fighting, and a humane death after, that would be a bit different- but it never is and you know better. I am not saying that you are just like a dog so DO NOT spin my words around- I am saying that ALLLLL humans of all colors whether their race/etc is different are all connected and so are all animals. That is not an easy concept to fully understand but once it clicks with you, everything will change.

MY POINT IS: All death and torture is wrong to all humans and to all animals unless it is in self defense alone. If you enjoy seeing the pain and torture or inflicting it upon someone/thing you don't have to defend yourself against to save lives then you have a mental disorder. I think many people do dog fighting because they want to take out their anger (many times the anger they have toward humans that they cannot legally go thru with) on a being that they can get away with it easier, such as dogs. Find a better hobby, come on. You already have basketball, sports, etc. Dog fighting is UNNECCESSARY CRUELTY and it would be the same if it were being done with children of any race, etc.

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At 11:04 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

My dogs lives are more valuable than any negro Mike Vick and any other ghetto trash deserve a bullet for hurting a loyal canine citizen if any black bastard's ever tried to hurt my dogs I would chain them up and make them my dogs slaves for life I would feed them cheap dog food and my dogs would eat steak as they do now all you savages are property not people

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