Friday, August 17, 2007

Hundreds of illegal immigrants have been deported from Mexico after they became stranded when a train route through the country was closed down

BBC News:

Up to 7,000 people - mostly from Guatemala and Honduras - got stuck in southern Mexico when a rail link to the US ceased operating.

US train operators Genesee & Wyoming Inc (GWI) closed the line because of damage caused by a hurricane in 2005.

The authorities said that around 350 people had been deported so far.

More deportations are planned but some of those who were stranded began walking along the now disused railway to continue their journey.

However many of the migrants had begun to live in tents to the east of the Mexican city of Villahermosa.

Central American immigrants are known to cross Mexico's southern border illegally on their way to the US, often riding on train roofs or stowing away in carriages.

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