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Latino gang makes African-Americans its target in Canoga Park

Rick Coca:

Nickson Gilles came to Southern California last summer with dreams of carrying a football to stardom - first as a Pierce College running back, then maybe at USC or even the NFL.

Instead, he was carried out on a stretcher, his dream shattered by a shotgun blast that police say was leveled at him by an alleged member of the Canoga Park Alabama gang.

Gilles, an African-American from Florida, was shot in the neck, shoulder and left eye Sept. 3 after the Pierce Brahmas' first game of the season. It was just one of many attacks against blacks that landed Canoga Park Alabama on L.A.'s list of most dangerous gangs.

The Latino gang hasn't hidden the fact that it targets African-Americans in this community, which just two years ago earned the prestigious All-AmericaCity designation, largely due to its racial diversity.

The city's gang list and another that branded Gilles' accused assailant, Fernando Araujo, one of the city's most wanted gangsters offer little solace to Gilles, who has undergone three eye surgeries and hasn't played football since he was shot.

"That whole tragedy messed up my whole life right there," Gilles said in a phone interview from Florida.

Since July 2006 there have been 12 shootings targeting Canoga Park blacks. Following two recent attacks, police have stepped up warnings to African-Americans to be wary of Canoga Park Alabama.

Some blacks in the community, as well as educators working with African-American students, said they have felt the wrath of the gang's racist campaign of violence firsthand. But other blacks paint a more idyllic picture of Canoga Park, one that helped it become the first Los Angeles community to win the All-America honor in the award's 58-year history.

Once a predominately white community, today Canoga Park is about 50 percent Latino, 28 percent white, 15 percent Asian and 4 percent black, according to a 2005 American Community Survey listed in a California State University, Northridge, report.

Although police can't pinpoint why "CPA" has focused on blacks, one possibility is street culture emulating prison life, where black and Latino inmates have repeatedly clashed as they align themselves along racial lines.

"It could be a young guy trying to make his stripes (or) an order from somewhere else or random gang stuff," Los Angeles Police Department Lt. Tom Smart said. "Hopefully, it's a little flare-up and not a continuing trend, especially as the summer heats up."

With the last two attacks on blacks in and around Lanark Park separated by mere days and feet, police want African-Americans to be on alert for any trouble.

"I feel we have an obligation to let (black people) know that they could be targeted," Smart said. "I'd like to remind them to be mindful. It's random."

The most recent shooting occurred about 10:40 p.m. on June 13 when a 23-year-old African-American man drove into the parking lot of Lanark Park.

His attackers, believed to be several Latino males who remain at large, walked up to the car, asked where he was from - a common gang challenge - shouted racial slurs and shot him in the chest and shoulder.

Two days after that shooting, two 15-year-old black boys helping their uncle's girlfriend move out of a nearby apartment on Lanark Street were allegedly beaten in an unprovoked attack by several CPA members. At least one of the attackers shouted a racial epithet during the beating that was caught on an apartment surveillance camera, police said.

Gabriel Chavez, 18, Juan Carlos Sanchez, 20, and two Latino minors were arrested for allegedly taking part in the beating and face felony assault, hate crime and gang-crime enhancement charges.


Race Wars Here and There

Where black and brown collide


At 3:57 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

...largely due to its racial diversity.

You really could not make this stuff up. So the way to get regarded as an "All-America City" is to be racially diverse. Is 'diversity' mentioned in the Constitution somewhere? Was the US not 90% white before the 1965 changes to immigration law kicked in?

At 4:06 PM, Anonymous Tony said...

which just two years ago earned the prestigious All-AmericaCity designation, largely due to its racial diversity

And of course the Latino part of that diversity is largely made up of illegal immigrants who have no right to be in this country.

At 6:29 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Adam Lawson,

Your blog breaks my heart. Its so informative, and its the truth, but it still hurts.

Is it not just amazing how much our elites must hate us in the West to import third worlders the world over to outnumber us here? Its amazing. Mark my words, LA will be a very very dangerous place in 30 years, bereft of white people. It will resemble a third world city someday. All-American indeed.

At 3:09 PM, Anonymous Carl said...

LA will be a very very dangerous place in 30 years, bereft of white people. It will resemble a third world city someday.

It's already a dangerous third world city.

At 2:11 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


At 10:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

First of all this kind of things happened for a reason... they don't just happen either you did something to provoke it you were at the wrong place at the wrong time...and all of us mexican- americans aren't the same we think different you shouldn't just hate someone because they're latino and for you whites you also have white for all u racist ppl look around and c whats the system?? whos taking over???? thats right latino man and women we play a huge part in this country too.. most of your houses wouldn't be built if it wasn't for our people and we stand in corners to make a living and were proud of it so next time you walk out and look at those hard working men think twice before you speak and see what kind of risks we have to take in order to survive and yet you want to kick us out. GIVE US AT LEAST 5 TO 6 YEARS AND WE'LL BE IN CONTROL!!

At 7:45 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

fuck all you hating ass mautha fukkers canoga is the shit it the place to live

well at least know niggers know they arent wanted here right:)(:

At 2:55 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Democrats shooting Democrats. What's the problem?


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