Thursday, August 02, 2007

A Somali man accused of planning to blow up a shopping mall in Ohio has pleaded guilty to one terrorist charge ahead of his trial

BBC News:

Nuradin Abdi

Nuradin Abdi, 35, admitted conspiring to support terrorists as part of a plea-bargain deal.

Under the deal, Mr Abdi will face 10 years in prison but three other charges against him have been dropped.

Mr Abdi is said to have discussed bombing a shopping centre during an August 2002 meeting with two other men.

One of those at the meeting, Iyman Faris, is currently serving 20 years in prison for his role in an al-Qaeda-linked plot to sabotage New York's Brooklyn Bridge.

Mr Abdi was arrested in 2003, a day after Thanksgiving, because police feared that day would be chosen to launch an attack.

The prosecution claim that Mr Abdi provided details of various stolen credit cards to another man accused of purchasing material for al-Qaeda.

His lawyers say the cards were never used.

According to the US authorities, Mr Abdi also travelled to Ethiopia where he allegedly underwent military training in the use of guns and bombs.

Mr Abdi's trial is due to begin on 6 August.

Shopping Mall Plotter Pleads Guilty

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