Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Europe's Islamic future?

Vickor Spooner seems to believe that Europe has embarked on an irreversible period of demographic change:

The frightful crisis of “Eurabia” is evidence that Islamic crusaders are actually making progress. Many nations within Europe now have sizable Muslim populations, and radical imams have been imported by rogue organizations to deliberately incite the beginnings of European Islamic revolution. Many feel that a radical Islamist takeover of most of Europe is already a forgone conclusion. They cite net-loss European birthrates, skyrocketing Muslim reproduction and immigration, the total failure to assimilate Muslim newcomers, radicalization of European mosques, and, of course, the shameful dearth of moral courage and self-importance necessary for preservation of Europe and its non-Muslim heritage.

To reiterate, demographic changes, radicalization, political correctness, and post-imperialist guilt collectively promise that it is only a matter of time, perhaps just a few decades, before much of European culture and liberalism are annihilated. (Already politically compromised from within, Belgium and Holland are predicted to be the first to succumb.)

In short, radical Islam gives you three choices, America: conversion, dhimmitude, or death.


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