Monday, January 31, 2005

Mexican kidnappings

Mexico exports crime as well as people to the United States:

In Mexico, where it is estimated that there are 3,000 ransom kidnappings a year, it's a ripped-from-the-headlines kind of story.

Unfortunately, the story is repeating itself in this country.

On Jan. 19, on a sunny morning in a quiet family neighborhood south of downtown Dallas, 30-year-old Mexican-American Oscar Sanchez, a new father and the director of business operations for his family's successful restaurant business, was rear-ended on his way to work.

He was on the phone with his mother when she heard him get out of the car and actually greet the guy by name who ran into him.

After that, the line went dead and it's been one big pesadilla for the Sanchez family.

The kidnappers, who later were identified as Josi Filix, a local public school teacher, and Edgar Acevedo, a former restaurant employee of Sanchez, called the family demanding $3 million in ransom or they would kill Oscar. When the family said they couldn't come up with that kind of money, the ransom was reduced to $78,000.

The abductors never showed up to claim the money. It was later discovered that Oscar had already been killed and his kidnappers were trying to flee to Mexico. Filix was caught in Chicago trying to board a plane to Guadalajara. Acevedo was able to escape.

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