Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Do blacks have a different moral code?

A defense attorney argues that his black client should not be judged by Caucasian legal standards:

Cornelius "Corky" Ausborne, the former teacher and UNLV athlete who had sexual relations with two teenage girls, was sentenced Monday to two to five years in prison.

The sentence followed a hearing in which Ausborne's defense attorney, Stephen Stein, claimed Ausborne's victims weren't innocents in the case.

While the crimes were inexcusable, he noted that at least one of the victims had sought Ausborne out for sex.

Stein also said Caucasians in the criminal justice system might not be able to fully understand the context in which Ausborne's crimes were committed.

"We are middle, upper class, Christian, white, Anglo-Saxon, Protestant," said Stein, who then noted to the judge that he is Jewish.

In somewhat cryptic comments that were never fully explained in court, Stein said that Ausborne's family had tried to relay to him that Ausborne had been exposed to a different "moral code."

"There is a different moral code ... in the Ausborne background than yours and mine," Stein said.

Asked to clarify his comments outside of court, Stein said he was trying to convey what Ausborne's family had relayed to him -- that "we start having sex at a lot younger age," and that "black women are much more sexual than good old Judeo-Christian George Bush types."

Ausborne is black. The victims in the case are Hispanic.


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