Monday, February 28, 2005

The rise of Islam and the end of Christian Europe

Mark Steyn welcomes the end of Christian Europe:

Europe's problems -- its unaffordable social programs, its deathbed demographics, its dependence on immigration numbers that no stable nation (not even America in the Ellis Island era) has ever successfully absorbed -- are all of Europe's making. By some projections, the EU's population will be 40 percent Muslim by 2025. Already, more people each week attend Friday prayers at British mosques than Sunday service at Christian churches -- and in a country where Anglican bishops have permanent seats in the national legislature.

Some of us think an Islamic Europe will be easier for America to deal with than the present Europe of cynical, wily, duplicitous pseudo-allies. But getting there is certain to be messy, and violent.

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At 8:39 AM, Anonymous wintermute said...

In the December 31 National Review, Steyn was pushing the same vision:

"What will Europe be like at the end of this process? Who knows? There's something to be said for the notion that America will find an Islamified Europe more straightforward to deal with . . . On the other hand, given Europe's track record, getting there could be very bloody."

This all reminds me of Kaplan's cover story in the Atlantic about how important it was to admit Turkey to the EU.

At 11:26 PM, Anonymous Stuka said...

I'm not quite sure why Neocons like Steyn are so smug, triumphant even, about the looming race war in Europe. Europe's problem today is America's problem tomorrow. Whites in America & Europe need to stand together and face this crisis.

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