Thursday, March 31, 2005

Blacks, Hispanics and blogging

Heather Mac Donald:

As for minorities, the skills gap in reading and writing means that, at the moment, a lower percentage of blacks and Hispanics possess the verbal acumen to produce a cutting-edge blog. For decades, blacks and Hispanics have scored 200 points below whites on the SATs' verbal section. Black high-school seniors on average read less competently than white 8th graders; Hispanic 12th graders read only slightly better than white 8th graders. And those are just the ones who are graduating. In the Los Angeles school system, which is typical of other large urban districts, 53 percent of black students and 61 percent of Hispanic students drop out before graduating from high school; most of the dropouts exit in the 9th grade. Assuming, generously, that those dropouts have 5th-grade skills, they are unlikely candidates for power blogging.

Here's Steven Levy's minimum prescription for joining the ranks of Alpha blogging: "You have to post frequently . . . link prodigiously," and, like one technology guru he describes, spend two hours daily writing your weblog and "three more hours reading hundreds of other blogs." If you have difficulty reading, you're probably not going to find that regime attractive. Obviously, many individual blacks and Hispanics possess more than the necessary skills to power their way into the top 100 blogs. But diversity zealots don't look at individuals, they look at aggregates. And in the aggregate, blacks and Hispanics lag so far behind whites in literacy skills that it is absurd to blame racial exclusion for the absence of racial proportionality on the web. Junking “progressive” pedagogy, with its absurd hostility to drilling and memorization, is the only solution to the education lag; diversity bean-counting is window-dressing.

No one has succeeded in closing the skills gap yet, but over the years we've developed numerous bureaucratic devices to paper it over. These devices will undoubtedly prove highly useful in addressing what Levy calls the web's "diversity problem." Levy proposes, as an initial matter, that the power-bloggers voluntarily link to some as yet unspecified number of non-male, non-white writers. The history of 'voluntary' affirmative action efforts need not be rehearsed here; suffice it to say, once 'voluntary' race- and gender-conscious policies are proposed, mandates are not far behind.

The great thing about blogs is that they allow you to write what you want and link to sites that you find interesting. If blacks and Hispanics want their blogs to become more popular then they should write about subjects that others find interesting. Graduating from high school would probably help too.


At 7:45 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yup, as everyone knows, for blacks and Hispanics to graduate from high school is virtually unknown ...

You and this Heather Mac Donald idiot need to get out more; perhaps if you did you'd realize that the world doesn't conform to the stereotypes which you harbor in your sheltered little heads. Any fool could utter the same complacent nonsense she does (and you repeat) about conservatives being underrepresented in the Mainstream Media and academe because they're too stupid to hack it, but I bet you'd both be up in arms at such a statement, but when it comes to non-white people anything goes, right?

At 10:24 AM, Blogger Adam Lawson said...

Where did I or Heather Mac Donald claim that it was "virtually unknown" for blacks and Hispanics to graduate from high school? I can't speak for Heather Mac Donald but I personally don't care what the mainstream media says about conservatives since the mainstream media is in decline.

At 12:41 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ah yes, another "feel good" posting with nary a hint of a racial superiority complex. You must really be proud of yourself. So sophisticated and insightful. I was particularly impressed with that last line of yours. You're quite the witty one aren't you? Keep up the good work. Heil Adam Lawson!

At 12:48 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What's with this obsession you seem to have with race? Did some black or hispanic kid steal your lunch money back in grade school?

It's funny how you are so quick to denounce those who would characterize conservatives in what you deem a negative light, yet inexplicably, you don't see the hypocrisy of your actions when you yourself characterize an entire group in a similar fashion.


At 1:35 PM, Blogger Adam Lawson said...

Did some black or hispanic kid steal your lunch money back in grade school?

Fortunately my parents were too concerned about my education to send me to the sort of schools where things like that could happen.

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