Thursday, March 24, 2005

Islamic teachers praise anti-Jewish essay

Teachers suspended:

An Islamic school in Ottawa's west end suspended two teachers on Wednesday after they praised a student essay about martyrdom and killing Jews in Israel.

The administrators of Abraar School were shocked by the student's tale of ambushing and killing Israeli soldiers, said school principal Aisha Sherazi.

The eight-page story, written in Arabic, was about avenging last year's death of one of the founders of the Hamas terrorist movement. It included a cover page illustrated with a burning Star of David, a machine gun and a Palestinian flag flying from the top of the Dome of the Rock, an Islamic shrine in Jerusalem.

"Without thinking, Ahmed took his M-16 machine gun and threw the bombs and he showered the Jews, this result in the killing of the soldiers," the student wrote in one passage.

A teacher wrote on the title page: "God bless you, your efforts are good."

Sherazi said the school of 200 students, ranging from kindergarten to Grade 8, does not condone this kind of thinking.

"Encouraging or inciting hatred is strictly prohibited at our school," she said in a prepared statement. "We will take all measures to investigate this matter and ensure that it does not reoccur."

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