Friday, April 29, 2005

Rape and castration in Kenya

BBC News:

Kenyan members of parliament have unanimously passed a motion calling for convicted rapists to be castrated.

The motion opens the way for a new Sexual Offences Bill to be introduced.

Njoki Ndung'u, who moved the motion, said two women were raped every hour and said the police were too lax in prosecuting rapists.

"Kenya is becoming a nation of rapists where rapists go scot-free," she said. Some MPs said the motion would prevent Kenya becoming a haven for sex tourism.

The BBC's Gray Phombeah in the capital, Nairobi, says that rape is on the increase in Kenya and that last week, people were shocked to hear about a man who had made his handicapped daughter pregnant.

Ms Ndung'u, a women's rights lawyer, said that rape was being massively under-reported in Kenya.

She said police records show 2,308 rapes last year, while figures from pressure groups and health centres show almost 16,000.

She said many rapes were not reported because the offender was a relative or because of a reluctance to relive the experience in court.

News and Blogosphere:

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At 11:55 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is there a solid medical basis for this? I mean a proof of the obvious.

Because it has been pointed out that forcible rape can hardly be an erotic experience for either party, and so it is more of a crime of violence and control, the degradation of submission. Which seems more psychologically than physiologically driven.

Although hormones (e.g. testosterone) no doubt do affect the brain, and vice versa of course. And I recall increased levels of testosterone are associated with aggressiveness.

Still, as a form of legislated judicial punishment it is odious.

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