Friday, April 29, 2005

Rape, the police and suicide in Pakistan

BBC News:

Nazish Bhatti

One of Pakistan's top police officers has been appointed to investigate the case of a woman who threatened to set herself on fire over an alleged rape.

A parliamentary committee appointed the former inspector-general of Balochistan province, Shoaib Suddle, to the case of 17-year-old Nazish Bhatti.

Ms Bhatti said she was raped by a gang of men and then two policemen when she went to complain.

She withdrew her suicide threat after she was assured she would get justice.

Parliament's standing committee on the interior appointed the highly experienced Mr Suddle after hearing details of Ms Bhatti's allegations.

Ms Bhatti, a first-year college student, said she was abducted from Sialkot, an industrial city south-east of the capital, last month and held in captivity for several days.

She said she was gang-raped repeatedly by her abductors for three weeks.

Ms Bhatti said she managed to escape and reached a police station to report the crime. But two of the policemen on duty also raped her, she said.

News and Blogosphere:

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