Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Two men who allegedly drove through Edinburgh city centre wearing masks, alarming passers-by, have appeared at the city's sheriff court

BBC News:

Saudi Arabian student Naif Alotaibi, 17, now living in Midlothian, and Abdullah Ghazali Dawood, 25, from Edinburgh, both denied the offence.

The pair were charged with committing a breach of the peace on 25 July at Waverley Bridge, in Edinburgh.

The two men were released on bail to face trial next month.

It was alleged in court that they conducted themselves in a disorderly manner, drove in a vehicle wearing masks and placed local people in a state of fear and alarm.

Sheriff Isabella McColl was told that Mr Alotaibi is a Saudi Arabian, who was in Edinburgh studying English.

The court was also told that at least one of the accused was due to return to Saudi Arabia and an early trial date was sought for the case.

The trial was set down for next month and the sheriff agreed to their release on bail, which was not opposed by the fiscal.

Waverley security alert over masked pranksters

Security alert at Waverley train station after 'prank'


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