Monday, August 29, 2005

The Liberal Party's mayoral candidate in Copenhagen wants to turn voters' attention to immigrant criminality

Copenhagen Post:

Foreigners who commit three criminal offences are to be deported from Denmark, if Liberal candidate Søren Pind becomes mayor of Copenhagen.

Pind, who currently serves as head of the city’s construction and technical committee, said immigrant criminality should be the main focus of the municipal elections in November, daily newspaper Politiken reported.

Pind said his election campaign proposal included a stricter line on ethnic ghettoes, foreign criminals, and immigrants who passively accepted benefit cheques without bothering to look for a job.

‘We must take action against an increasing lack of safety in Copenhagen, and what I like to refer to as the clammy palms people get when they walk the streets without feeling safe. The only thing that works is a straightforward zero-tolerance policy,’ Pind said.

He suggested a ‘three strikes and you’re out’, a strategy based on a US model, where offenders in many places get long prison sentences after their third run-in with criminal law. In Pind’s version, foreign citizens should be deported after their third offence.

Upon a foreigner’s second offence, the Liberal Party wants his social benefits cut. If he or she is a minor, the family will suffer the consequences and see their benefit cheques cut.

Young Muslim immigrant killers deported from Denmark, leftists mourn


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