Friday, September 30, 2005

A mayoral candidate in Copenhagen has been accused of racism

Copenhagen Post:

The Danish People's Party's (DF) mayoral candidate in Copenhagen, Louise Frevert, has been reported to the police for posting derogatory comments on Muslims on her website.

Frevert removed the article from her website and apologised after criticism hailed down over her from media, her own political party, and other politicians, one of whom reported her to the police for breaching the anti-racism law.

Frevert wrote about young Muslim men that, even if they were born in Denmark and spoke Danish, their fundamental attitudes were incompatible with Danish society.

'Whatever happens, they feel it's their right to rape Danish girls and stamp out Danish citizens,' she wrote. 'Our laws forbid us to kill our enemies in public, so our only remedy is to fill our prisons with these criminals.'

Frevert went on to say that it was an expensive solution, and that the most efficient method would probably be to send Muslims to Russian prisons for a fee of DKK 25 per day.

'Even that solution is short-sighted, since when they return home, they would be even more determined to kill Danes,' she said.

In another article, Frevert compared Muslims with cancer cells, which could only be treated with chemotherapy or surgically removed.

The comments prompted Social Democratic councillor candidate Lars Rasmussen to report Frevert to the police for violating the country's anti-racism law.

'Her comments sound like something she heard from the Nazi Party,' Rasmussen said. 'But they are running for office too, so the People's Party might be on its way to form an election coalition with Jonni Hansen and the Nazis.'

The Danish People's Party's leadership did not seem to like the connotation.

'This is not the party's policy, and it never will be,' DF vice chairman Peter Skaarup said. 'We have told Louise Frevert that this isn't the party's policy, and to eliminate any doubt, we think she should confirm that. She understands that.'

Frevert seemed to have gotten the message.

'I can understand that these articles have caused a stir. It was not my intention, and I apologise,' she said in a press release on DF's website. 'I will make sure that the comments will be removed from the website.'

Apparently, free speech is against the law in Denmark.


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