Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Whites move away from cities to live in "Mayberry"

Stephanie McCrummen:

Jamie and Stephan Lechner liked their house in Germantown well enough, but in recent years, they said, the neighborhood began to change in ways that made them feel less comfortable. There were some discipline problems in the school where Jamie taught. There was a shooting in a low-income area not too far from where they lived and other, smaller signs that made them think things were headed downward.

And so, with their twin boys near school age, the Lechners did what they figured anyone of means would: They packed up and moved to a place billed as a retreat from all that: Dominion Valley, a new, gated, golf course community of $700,000 homes on the rural edges of Northern Virginia, a place where the singular issue of traffic dominates and where the last memorable conflict was whether jeans would be allowed in the country club.

"We had conflict," said Jamie Lechner, referring to her old Germantown neighborhood. "And we wanted to move away from that. . . . That's why we're here -- to be sheltered."

Apparently people want to live in a less multicultural environment:

Perilla, who does vote, moved to Dominion Valley from a house in Manassas, which is in the older, more developed part of the region, a diverse area where Mexican and Central American immigrants have settled and where neighborhoods of single-family homes might be adjacent to townhouses and apartments. Like the Lechners, she and her family moved in part because the old neighborhood was changing.

"It sounds awful," Perilla said, "but it was turning into a more working-class neighborhood. More pickups -- not that there's anything wrong with that. . . . There were problems we didn't want to deal with -- at least on a personal level."

The Lechners were of a similar mind. They liked the diversity of their Germantown neighborhood, they said, but they did not want to subject their children to what they perceived as racial conflicts and other problems they associated with nearby government-subsidized housing.

In moving, they traded an area that was about half-Democrat, half-Republican for one that is mostly Republican, as they are. They left an area that was about 59 percent white for one where at least 83 percent of their neighbors look like them. And they left an area where residents are dealing with issues of cultural and economic diversity for one where such problems, for now at least, are abstractions.

"At a certain point, you want your kids to grow up in Mayberry," Jamie Lechner said. "And this is as close to Mayberry as we can get."

Unfortunately, many of these "Mayberry"-seekers tend to be in favor of illegal immigration, just so long as it is other people who have to live in the same neighborhoods as the immigrants.


At 1:27 PM, Blogger hoss_tagge said...

I am sure these are good folks, but they sound like typical American citizen idiots who "like the diversity of their neighborhood" but then do everything they can to avoid it. Like Adam says, they may also be like a lot of citizens who talk a good diversity game, but at the end of the day want to go home to a decidedly non-diverse community. The city in which I live is unmistakably being destroyed by a massive influx of poorly educated, low IQ, criminally and violence-prone wave of third world immigrants. Legality or illegality has nothing to do with whether this invasion is good for our country. The American people can either wake up and throw out elected officials who "embrace diversity" or they can watch their nation turn into a third world s...hole -- and keep trying to find the remaining few places that are mainly white. I'd never put my money on the American people wising up on anything, which would require the citizenry to realize that the mass media is brainwashing them into rejoicing at the destruction of their country and replacement of whites. The nation is probably just going to continue to get overrun by the third world with all the attendant social ills like crime, disease, poverty, illiteracy, huge rich-poor differences, etc. We really need to fire most of the scandalous elected leader/traitors and elevate patriots like Tom Tancredo to the presidency and other offices.

At 10:46 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Exactly -- how can they like the diversity but object enuf to its consequences to go thru the hassle of moving?!

But instead of "idiots" I would say they are typically cowardly -- they will say utter senseless and illogical bullshit like that rather than risk appearing racially insensitive.

I don't blame them one bit for moving, which is one reason it pisses my off when I read about problems with immigrants in places like Vermont and New Hampshire: how much longer will there be places in America where you can go to escape it?

At 10:55 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry but this story is fiction. A retraction was posted in the Washington Post a few days after the article was published. This article was written by an unethical vindictive reporter who was hoping for front page copy.


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