Monday, November 28, 2005

David Rodriguez believed a satanic ritual would help him get his girlfriend back, but he lacked a key ingredient -- a little girl

Stefano Esposito:

David Rodriguez

And so on Friday afternoon, Rodriguez, 18, and a buddy allegedly kidnapped a 6-year-old girl and her 8-year-old brother while they waited for their mother outside a Little Village library, authorities say.

But prosecutors said Rodriguez was arrested before carrying out his demonic plan, which authorities said involved carving a pentagram in the girl's chest.

On Saturday, Cook County Judge Kevin Sheehan ordered Rodriguez, charged with aggravated kidnapping, held on $500,000 bond.

The judge also ordered that Rodriguez undergo a mental evaluation.

His unidentified alleged juvenile accomplice was also in custody, but there was no information about any possible charges, authorities said.

Saturday afternoon, Rodriguez's grandfather said the accusations against his grandson are "ridiculous" and "nonsense."

"I don't believe in satanists," said Julian Rodriguez, who shares a home in Little Village with his wife, Rodriguez and Rodriguez's mother. Julian Rodriguez said his grandson is a "damn good kid."

Prosecutors said Rodriguez has no criminal history. In court, Cook County Assistant State's Attorney Tracy Senica said Rodriguez and his friend grabbed the girl and boy by their wrists and led them through back alleys to Rodriguez's shabby two-story brick home in the 4200 block of West 25th Street.

Rodriguez didn't need the little boy, so he gave him a fake note to take to a nearby clinic, Senica said. It was unclear what the note said.

While the little girl and Rodriguez's friend waited outside the home, Rodriguez went inside to retrieve some candles and incense. Meanwhile, several adults apparently spotted the 8-year-old boy crying and standing alone. The boy told them about the kidnapping and apparently helped lead them back to Rodriguez, Senica said.

Police arrived, and Rodriguez was arrested. He later gave a handwritten statement to investigators, detailing his plan, Senica said.

"He hoped to conduct a demonic ritual to [get] back his ex-girlfriend," Senica told the judge.

Teen occult interest told

Police: Teens Kidnapped Children To Perform Demonic Ritual


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