Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Norwegian security police believe that several people linked to major terrorist networks use the country as a base between operations abroad


The Norwegian Police Security Service (PST) has other persons linked to the 2004 terrorist attack in Madrid and recent terrorism arrests in Italy under surveillance.

The PST believes that Norway is used by 'freelance' terrorists as a place to lie low and plan activities, newspaper VG reports.

By using false identities and convincing cover stories these persons can stay hidden in Norway for long periods, posing as asylum seekers, tourists, or by arranging unfounded family reunions.

The PST considers their major challenge to be the discovery and hindrance of efforts to make Norway a haven for financing or equipping terrorists.

VG quoted an anonymous security source as saying that the PST strives to keep on top of dangers to Europe that stem from Norway, but that the task was extremely difficult due to the large number of "potentially dangerous persons residing in Norway".

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