Thursday, December 29, 2005

The quay worker killed in Oslo in November 2005 allegedly tried to recruit people for Islamic terrorist activities


The Norwegian Police Security Service (PST) had information about the man's activities and had begun to investigate him when he was killed, newspaper VG reports.

The victim was linked to a radical Oslo mosque, and the newspaper claimed that while working on the Oslo waterfront he had tried to recruit people to take part in terrorist acts.

A police investigation into the man's stabbing death concluded that it was the result of a trivial dispute with a workmate. The man had been living for several years in Norway under a false identity.

Police captain Finn Abrahamsen at Oslo's violent crimes division said that cases where a homicide victim turns out to have been living in Norway under a false identity is a growing problem.

"We cannot release a body before someone can produce proper identification papers. When a person dies relatives come with ID documents that show that the person is someone other than they have claimed to be," Abrahamsen told VG.

Abrahamsen also pointed out that homicide suspects are also increasingly often found to be living under a bogus identity in Norway.

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