Thursday, March 30, 2006

U.S. Representative Cynthia McKinney (D-GA) punched a Capitol police officer

Michael King:

Rep. Cynthia McKinney (D-4th Ga)

According to sources on Capitol Hill, U.S. Representative Cynthia McKinney (D-GA) punched a Capitol police officer on Wednesday afternoon after he mistakenly pursued her for failing to pass through a metal detector.

Members of Congress are not required to pass through metal detectors.

Sources say that the officer was at a position in the Longworth House Office Building, and neither recognized McKinney, nor saw her credentials as she went around the metal detector.

The officer called out, “Ma’am, Ma’am,” and walked after her in an attempt to stop her. When he caught McKinney, he grabbed her by the arm.

Witnesses say McKinney pulled her arm away, and with her cell phone in hand, punched the officer in the chest.

McKinney’s office has not responded to requests for comment.

According to the Drudge Report, the entire incident is on tape.

Drudge continues, "The cop is pressing charges, and the USCP (United States Capitol Police) are waiting until Congress adjourns to arrest her, a source claims."

No charges have been filed. Capitol Police spokeswoman Sgt. Kimberly Schneider says that senior officials have been made aware of the incident and are investigating.

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At 6:45 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

April 17, 2006

(Massa’s, ‘We’s All Wrong ‘Bout Ya’ll Bein’ Racists’)

By, Manger Borne

First off, I and all the other African-Americans would like to appeal to America, for Representative Cynthia McKinney’s actions. The Honorable Rev/Dr MLKJ could verify today, had he not “met an assassin’s bullet,” that she has a mental condition known as: “A Dangerous Kind Of Unselfishness.”
Be advised though, this is the same kind of illness others have had, the likes of [Christ] Jesus, Mohondas, K. Gandhi, MLKJ himself, Steven Biko, Patrice Lumumba, Nelson and Winnie Mandela, Huey P. Newton, and so on. Dr. Francis Cress-Welsing put it best (paraphrasing): “When a people are abused and forgotten, Thee Almighty will send them representatives, defenders, and saviors.” And whence this happens, as in Palestine and America, any nation that has heroes arising to “save” their people, the establishment verbally and physically if necessary, discredits and liquidates them; or labels them psychotic.
Since a number of political officials elected to serve the public have denounced her ADKOU as bogus, irrational, hysterical, or even the cycle mind, namely because she’s steadily considering desperate treatment she and her kind receives as “racism,” let’s examine. An apology is in line if all pockets of racism in this country have been uprooted and corrected. When I say uprooted, I mean with the same vigor and renegade efforts that “Indians” were chased and placed on reservations. The same seek and destroy efforts that runaway Native African slaves were tracked-down and killed, lynched, maimed, or tarred & feathered, with.
What really seems to perturb some political officials is the Honorable Cynthia McKinney has forgotten how to be a “team player.” Sure, she was ‘elected by the people, and for the people,’ but she is supposed to be so grateful and pleased to be re-allowed in—Congresswoman Lazarus McKinney—she is supposed to please the corporatocratic system first; while the voters get the crumbs. Or in some cases, vapors.
Yet, if it isn’t racism she and others feel they’re experiencing, and the word truly seems to get then offended, maybe the defendants prefer such words as apartheid, imperialism, Ethnocide, extermination, extinction, murder, reproductive insecurity, or terminal envy? They all seem to apply. For if no American citizen, public official, media representative, or even the Congress, can explicitly determine what [racially] de-prejudiced all of non-Black America, we that believe that it still exists, would like to know what their evidence is?
C. McKinney’s acute mental condition causes her to be “willing to die, if necessary (sound familiar, I’ve Been to the Mountain Top, speech).” Like COINTELPRO, or some kind of Republican/corporate (Floridian) election manipulations got her removed from office, her Godliness to the masses, poor, untouchables, have gotten her re-elected. For those who wonder where her lone ranger attitude comes from in the face of imminent adversity and ridicule in this “terrordome,” it’s comparable to that of a Jesusite. Didn’t God’s Son stand alone for the indigent?
A major question for the Capitol Hill Police Chief Terrance Gainer, CNN’s Soledad O’Brien, Star Parker (“CURE”), Rep. Tom Delay (R-Texas), and other of Jesusite McKinney’s detractors is, “can’t Capitol Hill Police speak for themselves?” I’m sure being the highest paid bodyguards…I mean the rich’s police…I mean elected officials first line of defense, he’s not an “undocumented” citizen who can’t speak English? Or, do they get the same privilege as our average police—that the everyday citizens don’t get—the protection to not respond to accusations for days; if ever?
What really surprised me about the CURE “president and founder” mentioned above is, she’s an African-American female, former single-mother “welfare” recipient, still, she launches a paper against a fellow A-A female, “Time For Cynthia McKinney To Go Home (07-Apr-06).” Working for a common goal—equality, justice, healthcare, educational and economic freedom for all Americans, Ms. (‘falling’) Star Parker uplifted CondoSleezza Rice in her paper, while accusing A-A’s of self acknowledgment that the “fact that problems in the Black community today…horrible circumstances that persist in our inner cities, result from breakdown in our communities and families.”
In other words, ‘Falling’ Star and others feel that A-A’s control the government, unemploy themselves, incarcerate, fly-in illicit drugs, make police back-shoot their young men, cater to the girls with educational scholarships and all the articles of A-A males being “left behind” is a result of our self-destruction, or “Mentacide.” From my view, Falling Star is a classic example of why Welfare –To-Work (W2W) was implemented by the extended relatives of Willie Lynch. Being a former W2W recipient, now being asked to be a public speaker, earning a B.S. degree, social policy consultant and media commentator, etc., how can she go against massa’s capitalocracy?
W2W was systematically, institutionally and progressively implemented to hold-back strong, heterosexual males, so those at the top, decision-makers could eliminate as many Jesusites as possible—remember He did come from a manger (or, project, slum, ghetto). On top of all of her accomplishments—or ours, due to Blackmen being held back to promulgate our women—Ms. Parker has authored a book entitled, Uncle Sam’s Plantation, subtitled, “How big government enslaves America’s poor and what we can do about it.” Contradictory to say the least; unless in it she blames our elected and social officials for a lack of Re-Separation, Pan-Africanism, Reparational efforts, or revolution.
Her book was copy-written in 2003, but I’d like to see her husband, for a woman with such cronyistic accomplishments usually has a Thomas Jefferson (Sally Hemings), Strom Thurmond, (former Defense Secretary, A-A, compulsive white male marrying, Janet Leola Floyd Langhart-Cohen) Richard Cohen, or some other massa’s hand in it. Then too, (former Secretary of State, white husband) Susan Rice, Whoopi Goldberg (stage name equates to “sex for Jews”), or other “cross/interracially married women have trouble seeing the evil their close friends and spouses play in their people’s demise. If she has delved into the bosom of interracialness, as a Christian, she should be aware, it’s a Wrathful offence—Tenth Commandment: stay to your own… In addition, her Lord and Savior C. Jesus was Of Color, male, a youthful “33” years of age when crucified. So where are all the programs and governmental policies to raise our boys up as Black Messiah’s?
As an elected official, I sure wish the public wouldn’t be so harsh on Sis. McKinney. She’s only speaking for the people. She’s ‘articulating our rage’ and hers.
If “America needs to be turned upside down in order to be turned right-side up,” as MLKJ prophesized, women like Hon C. McKinney are a good start. And Ms. Parker should well know being a practicing Christian and all, you never blame the peasants for their conditions. If the Publicans and Pharisees shared and programmed the resources fairly and equally, their would be no have-nots in a have-all nation.


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