Tuesday, June 06, 2006

An African seeking asylum in Israel has compared the situation in Congo to the Holocaust

Washington Times:

Several dozen Africans living and working in Israel demonstrated outside the prime minister's office Monday asking for protection against deportation.

Protestors are refugees from countries like Sudan, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ethiopia and Sierra Leone. In some countries, civil wars continue while in others there has been some sort of settlement.

"The people here today at the demonstration are asking for temporary protection and that Israel won't send them back to the countries they came from," Shebi Korzen, who works for a service center for foreign workers, told Ynetnews. "It is true that peace treaties have formally been signed there, but according to reports released by human rights organizations, war is still going on in some parts and the citizens there are carrying weapons."

Some of the protestors, like Joze, a cleaner from the Congo, suggested that Israel has a special obligation to the oppressed.

"The situation in Congo is really bad. Just like in the Holocaust," she said.

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